Gulf Action-Reaction Cycle Could Spin To War
The Huffington Post / Joe Cirincione
09-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

It is no coincidence that Iran fired its salvo of 9 ballistic missiles on July 9 while the G-8 leaders in Japan were calling on Iran to suspend its uranium-enrichment program. Its pyrotechnic display was a political statement, not a demonstration of any new military capability. All the missiles had been tested before; all but the Shahab-3 fly only 70 to 180 miles and are a threat to those on Iran's borders, but no one else. Iran claims the Shahab can now fly 1250 miles, but scientists I talked to (sometimes you really do need to be a rocket scientist) are very skeptical. "This would be a huge leap in capability," says Dr. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists, "If true, it would almost double the missile's range. I'd have to see a lot more before I accepted this claim."

News Goffer

From Bad To Worse...

by News Goffer on

I don't know about this 'tit for tat' reasoning some use to justify this missile test in Iran.  It makes things worse without any gains for anyone.  At the end of the day, IRI is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of its innocent citizens. 


K Nassery

Shooting yourself in the foot.

by K Nassery on

That's what Iran did yesterday and today with the volleys of miss[les sent high into the sky.  The US monitored the launch so we will soon know the exact status of Iranian missile advancements Total has announced that they won't invest in Iran's gas production.  It seems Total is the one company with the resourses to help Iran produce those once valuable assests.  I say once valuable, because they aren't worth anything if you can't get them out of the ground.  In my neck of the woods we call this killing two birds with one stone.  The US is overjoyed to show both Russia and the EU that we were telling the truth about Iran's militaristic leanings.  Our Arab allies, noticed too.  It's just too good to be true. Thank you, Ahmadinejad. Thank you, Supreme Leader.  You two make a great pair.