US warns Iran on missile threat
BBC Persian
10-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

The US has said it will not hesitate to defend its interests and those of its allies as Iran continues missile tests.


بـزنی میزنم


The rhetoric has become harsh and it sounds like what hoods say to each other. Despite the tension, the path toward a war is still obscur as battles begin generally with an alarming silence... 


K Nassery

I's not clear.

by K Nassery on

Tonight, I listened to a radio show where a man claimed to know that Ahmadinejda has prepared to use a nuclear bomb on Israel and complete the task of the Germans in WW2.  Iran can't take over the world as this man claimed.  Europe and the US have enough fire power to stop Iran so I don't think Ahmadinejad can follow through successfully.  What Ahmadinejad can do is get a large number of innocent people killed.  What kind of religions had a 12th Iman that wants to destroy the Jews?  I thought the Jews were honored as people of the book.  I don't understand why Ahmadinejad wants to have Holocaust Conferences or use the nuclear bomb to destroy Israel.  I wish he hadn't said the things that he has said.