Coming to a city near you?
The economist
11-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

AMERICA and Israel often hint at military action to stop Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons programme. The latest rumblings, however, may be more serious. The atmosphere has been charged by a combination of factors: Iran’s expanding uranium-enrichment programme, faltering diplomatic efforts to halt it, a dying American administration and a nervous Israel. Throw in the latest war games by Israel, America and Iran—and Iran’s apparent rejection of the latest international incentives to halt its nuclear work—and some reckon the sparks could soon fly.


Welcome to Hell

by Hajminator on

As they say themselves:

Be very afraid, please



Abamard aziz

by Hajminator on


Yes, let's hope we'll not be attacked. Mullahs zadand be simeh akhar they are like a cat which has no issues to flee with all claws out. In one hand they can not say to iranians inside that they accept to stop their nuclear program (much propaganda have been spread around). In the other, they have the western knife under their throats. They hope that with all jihadis around the middle east they would survive longer


Thanks for the article

by Abarmard on

Interesting story. Israel has no Rights to attack Iran. What makes no sense is how easily the article talks about Israeli strike to bomb Bushehr Plant! Mageh shahr e hert e. But it seems that Israel is getting used to get what she wants: war.

I hope that Iran has stock piled thousands of missles and have spoken to the Hezbullah, becuase if Israel attacks the Iranian soil, Iran has every Right to answer as kindly as possible. Let's hope not.