Scowcroft Says He'd Tell Israel To "Calm Down" On Iran Strike
Huffington Post / Seth Walls
23-Jul-2008 (4 comments)

Despite the partisan divide, however, both veterans of the foreign policy scene agreed they would advise Israel not to launch any preemptive strike against Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program. In response to a question from CBS newsman Bob Schieffer, Scowcroft pointedly said he would instruct Tel Aviv to "calm down." Brzezinski followed on Scowcroft's heels, saying he would tell Israel: "Don't do it."


tu dahani!

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Some other sober admissions: "To me, whether or not Iran itself has [nuclear weapons] is a less important question than what it will do to proliferation around the world," the former national security adviser to President George H.W. Bush said at a Tuesday event in Washington D.C., adding: "I think we're standing on the brink of another forward surge in nuclear proliferation. ... Don't talk about 'do we bomb them now or after they get to weapons.' That's not the point. The point is how can we dissuade Tehran from its current course of action."


Farhad Kashani

The ones who needs “tu

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The ones who needs “tu dahani” is the fascist regime that you love so much, whos using their filthy “dahan”, started a blind, irrational clash of civilizations between Iran and the world, and Islam and the world,, and are using their disgusting “dahan”, to inflict war on our country.  


I was there...

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I was there, I heard him say it. Everybody went nuts.


I like what I hear

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As long as there are people who oppose Wars I keep my hope alive