In TV Interview, Iranian Leader Opens a Door
New York Times/MSNBC / Brian Williams
28-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

In a talk with Brian Williams of the NBC “Nightly News” at his compound in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran acknowledged recent American moves meant to thaw relations with his country, and hinted that Iran could be persuaded to change its course as a result. Here are his words to an American audience:

“Today, we see new behavior shown by the United States […] My question is: is such behavior rooted in a new approach? In other words, mutual respect, cooperation and justice. Or is this approach a continuation in the confrontation with Iranian people but in a new guise?

“[…] If the approach changes, we will be facing a new situation, and the response from the Iranian people will be a positive one.”

The interview took place at a moment best described as “fluid” — the word of an energy market analyst reacting to Iran’s weekend announcement of many more uranium-enrichment centrifuges.

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Brian Williams Reports on Ahmadinejad Interview

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But why all of a sudden, has he started talking about "The Iranian People?"  In the short excerpts shown of the interview (which will be aired tonight) he uses those words over and over again, as if "The Iranian People" have anything to do with how decisions are made in Tehran.  I guess he is getting better in his public speaking skills, learning how to talk to westerners!  I doubt he would mention Imam Mehdi, either.




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Nuclear Hope? Don't Be a Fool!
The Mullahs of the Islamic regime are quite predictable once you learn their mindset and modus operandi. All you need is to be aware of at least two things: one is Taqqiyeh (dissimulation) and the other is that they ‘talk round’. Talking round is when they make a statement that could mean anything. Depending on the circumstances, the mullahs either lie or don’t tell you what they really mean and leave you to guess and always give you the impression that they will be kind to you! This is how they have been quite successful in deceiving everyone to stay in power; make inroads into their nuclear technology pursuits; and get the support of the free world’s lefties and liberals.

I predicted that the regime would make some suggestions that they might consider the packages of incentives and even hint that they would halt their uranium enrichment activities. The current circumstances require the regime to talk round. This week, the top foreign policy adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that Iran could respond favourably to the latest deal offered by Western negotiators, which he described as acceptable "in principle." There is no certain commitment from the mullahs of Tehran that they would halt their uranium enrichment program at the moment but they certainly are showing signs that they might – but only might mind! This is exactly what I predicted. The mullahs would drag this 'nuclear hope' until the end of this year whilst continuing with their uranium enrichment. As the free world liberal tabloids and media fill their pages with the false ‘nuclear hope’, exaggerating, fantasizing and misinforming their readers simply because they just hate Bush, as they'd try to make any talk of military strike more and more absurd, the barbaric regime would crack more nuts with their tails (Persian proverb)! As this is exactly what the mullahs want for the time being until Obama is elected into office.