Iran, on deadline day, vows no nuclear retreat
02-Aug-2008 (2 comments)

Iran said on Saturday it would not back down "one iota" in its nuclear row with major powers, voicing defiance on the day of an informal deadline set by the West over Tehran's disputed atomic ambitions.



by Hajminator on

محمود جان يكي داستاني بگفت از نخست
كه پرمايه آنكس كه دشمن نجست



There was no doubt

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad wisely feels, there is a slight chance of war and he will have a better chance than Iraq or Talaban. Essentially by making it a big deal (which is not, even if they get bomb it will be weaker than Hiroshima and they have 10s of thousands, with much more relible delivery), they are putting themselves in a bind. I am sure Iran enjoys making a fool of the chiefs, however a more reasonable posture is more of a problem for Iran, remeber Saddam was able to hold Iran in check by just pretending to have the bomb. However all that requires a clever chief and what we have is an idiot.