Iran gambles over Georgia's crisis
Asia Times / Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
15-Aug-2008 (6 comments)

Yet, the immediate gains for Iran may not exceed the net losses in the long run and Tehran may have blundered by not forcefully criticizing Moscow's violation of Georgia's sovereignty. Iran and Georgia have strong historical connections: Iran was in possession of Georgia for some 400 years until the humiliating defeats at the hands of tsarist Russia in the early 19th century, culminating in the Russia-Iran Treaties of Gulistan in 1813 and Turkmanchai in 1828. Under these, about a third of Iranian territory was ceded to Russia, including Georgia and Armenia.

Then and now, Iran remains weary of Russia's imperial intentions and, more recently, this was evident seven years ago when in the aftermath of a failed summit on the division of Caspian Sea, the then-president Vladimir Putin ordered a massive naval maneuver in the Caspian Sea as a stern message to Iran.

Should Putin, now premier, succeed with his "splendid little war" in South Caucasus, Russia's neighbors to the east must expect to see more samples of Russian power projection, again a prospect that simultaneously entices and yet terrifies Iran and is bound to have contradictory policy ramifications for Tehran's decision-makers.

News Goffer

Becoming a loser by default

by News Goffer on

The wait-and-see policy might not be the best policy for Iran.

Honestly, is it just my imagination, or has the world turned into the Wild Wild West, where countries invade and occupy other countries, sending tanks and bombers to kill each other's people, threaten each other with bomgings, train soldiers to bomb their neighbors, and all the while the UN just sits there, looking and doing nothing?



Re: Yes, thanks to Bush (to: Anonymous8 )

by soufi on

I don't know why you are thanking the idiot and his boss (doodool Chini). He has bankruptted America (made some friends VERY rich!!!!) and this once great nation now has lost its status as a leader in the world, in addition to many ills that over time will become clear (long-term remification of stupid actions)... So what is it to thank them for?




beloved has spoken!

by not Anonymous (not verified) on

Russia is back, this time stronger, since the economical sanctions against the communist blocks won't work. China, Russia, India and Iran are on the rise...

Xerxes: And that is suppose to be comforting?? What a scary future it would be...especially for the Islamic Revolutionaries...

Once Russia and China find no more use for the Islamic Revolutionaries of Iran, they will exterminated like termites.

China and Russia will never allow muslims to have any meaningful power of any kind. Just look at how the muslim minorities in China and Russia are treated today.


Useless UN

by Amir nasiri (not verified) on

Many times I have mentioned that UN is just puppet like IMF, Red Cross, IOC or those international organization. The name international is symbolic. look who always makes decisions. A group of nations or the G8? I don't understand the word international as part of all these organizations. The whole world's fate is made by the G8.

You and I and the rest of us we are just creatures living until we die.

Why UN is useless?

- Korean war
- Vietnam
- Cambodia
- Nicaragua
- Panama
- Iran-Iraq war - Killing of thousands of Iranian soldiers by chemical weaopns made by the G8 nations
- The shooting down of Iranian airliner
- Halbcha (Kurdish area in Iraq)
- Bosnia herzegovina
- Rwanda
- Darfur Sudan

you be the judge


UN is not UN

by XerXes (not verified) on

UN is the US and some western countries. UN is a joke as long as they make rules and laws that is on the agenda of the western nations in order for them to get economical and territorial benefit.
Yes it is becoming the Wild Wild West, since the sole super power set the rules and blindly supports all her allies regardless of any issues involved.
Russia is back, this time stronger, since the economical sanctions against the communist blocks won't work. China, Russia, India and Iran are on the rise...
Only time will tell, but the US needs to adjust her policies as quickly as possible.


Yes, thanks to Bush

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

When Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq, one of the warnings was that other countries will do it to for whatever implausible reasons they see fit.

In fact the Russians have a much stronger case for their invasion than Bush ever did for his.