Azarbaijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity of Iran
This is not true as I do not support this organization. I was contacted a number of times and at first was led to believe that the aims of the group are in concordance with my humble belief that Iran’s territorial integrity has to the top priority of any organization purporting to advocate Iran and its people.20Concerns were then raised however by a number of friends who noted that the group’s aims are not the same as those that had been told to me by the organization. Of particular concern is that Iran’s territorial integrity is NOT the top priority of the organization; in addition, the top 2 priorities for "Democracy" are reminiscent of past Soivet attempts (notbaly the Pishevari era) to promote "Democracy" in Iran - which was simply their attempt to weaken the bonds of azarbaijan province with the rest of Iran and then detach it from Iran. Once again, I am not associated with this organization Best Regards Kaveh Farrokh >>>
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