UAE cities at odds over lifestyle, ties to Iran
The Associated Press
17-Aug-2008 (one comment)

But Iranian investment in Dubai — about $14 billion each year — buoys a robust development plan largely financed with foreign cash. The trade is also huge boost to Tehran's confidence that it can survive Western-imposed sanctions."Iran is not suffering from sanctions if it can still bring things through Dubai," said Jean-Francois Seznec, a Gulf specialist at Georgetown University.Within days of the Bush administration's request to Abu Dhabi to crack down on companies suspected of helping Iran militarily, the UAE president announced a law to "ban or restrict imports, exports or passthrough shipments for reasons of health, safety, environmental concerns, national security or foreign affairs."Authorities also said they were closing some companies, but it isn't clear how thoroughly the law has been enforced.Analysts say Dubai has largely ignored America's pressure to curb trade with Iran.

News Goffer

But where would the Emirates be without Iran?

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Yes, give me your investments, your trade, your tourists, your women, the Gulf and the three can go now!  Fat chance!