A very Balanced report of Iranians by Turkish Historian
Turkish Weekly
18-Aug-2008 (one comment)

The following is an excellent article by a Turkish historian, Barin Kayaoglu, regarding Iranians, their history and culture:

  This highlights what I have humbly stated before - namely that Turks and Iranians share what is termed as the "Iran-Turkish" culture (some call it "Perso-Turkish"). Although not much has been stated about this, Iranians and Turks are cultural cousins fo one another, and the two peoples have been mixing for well over 1500 years (or more).

The article notes of the Iranians' hospitality. Allow me to humbly affirm the warmth and the hopitality of the Turkish people as well; anyone who has the priviledge of visiting Turley will see this first-hand. The author also praises Iranian cuisine; Turkish cuisine is also known as one of the finest in the world. The same can be said with respect to the Seljuk-Ottoman architecture, arts, music, etc.; areas where both people share much of rich legacy.

The two countries both have much potential and it would be interesting to have them re-discover their links...
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Kaveh Farrokh

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Excellent article about Iran and Iranian, by a non Iranian

by shemrooni (not verified) on

It's great to read these words from a non Iranian. Thank you for posting this article.