Russia,Iran:Crisis of the West
ISN Security Watch-Open / Paul Roger
22-Aug-2008 (one comment)

United States is responding to the "rise of the rest" with strenuous
efforts to protect its own hegemonic role. This, coupled with
Washington's predilection for tough talking and even (in the case of
Iran) direct threats are likely to be both ineffective and
counterproductive. In relation to both Moscow and Tehran, classical
diplomacy - supplemented by understanding (including historical
understanding) of the other - offer a far better prospect of progress.
Such a path might also prevent the August downpour becoming a November
hard rain.


Rise of the rest - Crisis of the West

by Jaleho on

Finally, a realistic and comprehensive view about Georgian invasion of S. Ossetia, Russian reaction, US impotence in dealing with it and the rest of problems in the region, and Iran's predicament in it all.

This article is for you if you are tired of the "conspiracy theories" of how US planned this disaster upon itself to find an excuse to attack Iran! As if US had all the power to attack Iran and is just piling up excuses for 30 years starting from hostage crisis, missile crisis, nuclear crisis all the way to Ahmadinejad's tough talk against Israel! Actually, as if US ever needed any REAL excuse to attack a smaller country if it could do so to advacne its own interests!