You don't have to be Jew to be a Zionist
Jerusalem Post / Haviv Rettig
24-Aug-2008 (12 comments)

Biden also opposed the 2007 Senate resolution
that labeled the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization. That resolution passed 76 to 22. His vote was based on his belief that the resolution could serve as a pretext for President George W. Bush to
attack Iran, a move he adamantly opposed, he said. "This is a mindless, mindless approach to dealing with proliferation," he told The Boston Globe at the time, saying he had "zero faith" in Bush's judgment on the issue.


Biden on Iran

by Jaleho on

The conflict between Biden's Iran policy and his general pro-Israel tilt.

Hopefully, since the article's source is the heavily right wing Jerusalem Post, this news would not be burried or deleted. This "Iranian" site seems to prefer that.

Frankly, with an insecure yet megalomaniac site manager who desperately is in need of personal attention, you never know what gets published or what gets deleted. The rules seems to be just the site moderator's  personal feelings, and at times his not so learned political opinions.



Re: Jaleh

by jamshid on

I agree with what you wrote, but there is an important flaw in your reasoning. Think about it, why do you despise foreign domination in the first place?

There should be only one answer: Because foreign domination deprive us of our rights and our potential.

But hasn't political Islam deprived Iranians of their rights and potential even more than any foreigners had?

Sometimes the enemy within could be far more damaging.




by Jaleho on

Becasue I believe that the present government of Iran has freed us from humiliating foreign domination which has plagued Iran for the longest time under local lackeys of the west.

I do despise all religions intensely. But, I aslo can understand the realities in Iran. From constitution revolution, Tobaco revolt, khordad revolts, the fight against capitulation almost all PROGRESSIVE  fights of Iran  for independence and keeping tyrany in check, there has been a Shiite revolutionary element!

After failures of left and right in Iran, which was a reflection of Iran being in the center of the great game for British (and later US) on the one hand  and Russia on the other hand, the only ideology which could give Iran a cohesion has been political Islam. It has done it from Tobaco revolt all the way to the present revolution. I recognize that fact about the present regime, that's all.



by Jaleho on

I write what I personally believe is worthy for some readers to read and know about and is fun for me too. I disregard the parts which I find garbage.  In short I decide how and where to spend my time on the internet. I hope that you also enjoy the parts you like and disregard the rest.

I also believe that the general reader should know that their comments can be deleted with no explanation about the criteria of the deletion on the site. That way, one can understand that why the site looks like a small cafe of like minded people of similar background who pat each other on the back. This happens as an invisible process, but little by little, people who don't have similar ideas are either deleted, or their comments are deleted so much at will that they won't bother to come. The result is a uniform group which is probably what the moderators really wants to chat with and feels comfortable with, which is fine and the moderator certainly has the right to run his site as he wishes.

However, as the site is named "" and has been around for a while, many new people come here, try to put valuable articles and contributions. For them, I'll write my honest view of the site and the moderator, not for his personal friends who clearly have their own experience.



by jamshid on

I don't understand you. In another thread, you did not speak kindly of religion, but in other threads you support the IRI. What gives?


Dear Jaleh

by Monda on

Frankly, I am very confused and disturbed by your very unkind remarks about JJ and his style of running this site.

What evidence do you have to accuse him of being "insecure" or a "megalomaniac"?! First of all, megalomaniacs are by definition very insecure, that goes without saying. But JJ being insecure? around what topic!? This man brings out topics from fathering his daughter to his own father's fathering him to a lot of really personal realms that not only relate to Iranian men but many of his topics are close and dear to my own heart as a woman, a mother and a student of all things human and living, struggling, being challenged.

Having been visiting for the past 5-6 years, I have not read one nuance from JJ condemning any point of views as long as they are debatable (through evidence and thoughtful production of hypothese) and discussed in a civilized manner (name-calling and labeling goes against his nature as it does against mine).

So, I have tons of respect for this man who single handedly (OK Foaad and Wayne and many contributors are vital too, as was his Mom "the co-founder exceptionelle"!) has worked 24/7 to bring an open arena to all things Iranian, where our differences are open for considerations at any level, by any one of any creed or idealogy.

BTW, wouldn't you think that if JJ was monitoring to the extent that you have referred to, your comments would not be here for all to read?! Or are you taking this opportunity to attack whoever defending this website?  

Which piece did you feel was deleted/censured here that has upset you to this extent?  

And as interesting and thought-provoking as your contributions and comments have been, if you feel so undermined by the site's publisher, why your time and effort?




JalehO, so you know...

by iranian reader (not verified) on

The nasty comment you made about the "moderator of the site" would have been deleted if it were addressed to anyone other than JJ. I am not personally informed on who the moderators on this site are but I have gathered over time that there are a couple of volunteers who have taken on the the tedious and time-consuming task of stopping people from gratuitously insulting each other. To me it is a sign of graciousness on JJ's part that your gratuitous insult to him is not deleted.

You are relatively new to this site and given the frequency of the appearance of your recommended news items and certainly comments, you should know by now that you are not being censored. For your information, I sent a news link last week, Gorbachev's article on the Georgia "invasion," which never made it on the news links here. So, my friend, please be assured that no one is prejudiced against you or your views. And I didn't take it personally that JJ didn't publish my recommended article.

So please try to put things a little in perspective. And no, I'm not on payroll, nor a groupie of Mr. Javid. I'm just a reader who is tired of hearing disproportionately more from loud and unfair people than more gracious readers.


Is it all about Israel!?

by farokh2000 on

It seems every comment about the Candidates has something to do with their level of support for Israel.

Are there any other issues they should be graded on other than their support for the criminal government of Israel?

This proves that no one would get elected in this country unless they kiss some serious AIPAC butt.

It is democracy only if you do what the special interests want you to do.

That is what the movie Manchurian Candidate was trying to tell.

What a shame.


1988 was the first year I

by skatermom (not verified) on

1988 was the first year I was eligible to vote and I voted for Biden. This last round of elections to finalize our dem nominee, I voted for Biden. I'm very happy that Obama chose him to be his running mate. He's a great American and a great democrat. Thanks for the link MaryK. I'll be forwarding that to my fellow community campaigners.
Obama/Biden '08!


Biden, Iran, nuclear issue

by MaryK (not verified) on

If you're wondering about his stance on Iran and the nuclear issue, Biden gives a fairly nuanced answer around 1:50: //

Also snaps on Giuliani pretty hilariously right afterwards.


Hey Shining head,

by Jaleho on

I am curious. Did you choose your avatar yourself? The reason I am curious is this:

The one I chose from the available pictures was the Hafez Tomb. One day, that was changed to my present avatar which is also yours. I don't care at all, I thought it is feminin and they assigned it to me because of that, but I see it now as yours and some others and your name is kinda a gentleman's name :-) 

I was wondering if those kinds of assignment  are given based on people's types of post to make it easier to monitor? Or, does someone just likes this particular avata?


And, I agree, after Chuck Hagel, Biden was my second favorite choice. I think Hagel was one of the bravest anti-war and as a republican could have given much more help to Obama's victory. But, I am happy with Biden, and his personal tough life touches my heart too.

Shining Head

Biden is a true American and .....

by Shining Head on

He is a true American, knowledgable, and a very smart politician. especially in foriegn affairs (he is chairman of that in senate). Let the Zio-Nazis go into a tail spin again. Who cares? America's interest is first, not the blood suckers'.