Shahinfar concede in 21st Congressional District
Times Union
10-Sep-2008 (2 comments)

Lauren Stanforth, who is at Tonko’s Albany victory party, says Darius Shahinfar has also conceded.


The Iranian-American is out

by Q on

Too bad, we lost another chance of an Iranian-American in Congress. From all observations it seems Shahinfar had basically stopped campaigning a few months back, he probably didn't reach his fund-raising goals. But he's still young and well liked. I hope he stays involved.


Babak Talebi

hmm.. I disagree with your assessment Q

by Babak Talebi on

Actually Q - based on the FEC filed information, Shahinfar raised over $330,000 which is a tremendous amount for a primary.  In fact, the top 4 fundraisers were not too far apart in terms of fundrasing.

One of the best stories out of his canadacy, was that the IA community really did come through for him - a neophyte with no electoral experience going up against two relative heavyweights (Tracy Brooks was a 3 year vetran of Clinton's operation in NY, and Paul Tonka, the winner, was a 25-year State Assembly Representative who represented about 1/2 the district already and had VERy high name ID)

By all accounts by local political observers, Shahinfar impressed them, and he may well have a future in State politics and maybe even Federal elections down the road.

The key victory here was that our communty supported him and he had broad-based support from around the country.  The next IA who chooses to run for office should definately get in touch with him both for advice and for outreach to his fundraising base.


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