Open Letter to Governor Palin Please Support the Democratic Movement in Iran / Roxanne Ganji
11-Sep-2008 (2 comments)

Open Letter to Governor Palin Please Support the Democratic Movement in Iran

Roxanne Ganji Spokesperson wrote: September 7, 2008

Dear Governor Palin:

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your nomination as the candidate for Vice President of the United States . As an Iranian/American woman concerned for the situation of my motherland, the country where my ancestors helped build, the country where my parents called home and loved with all their heart and energy , I have been following your candidacy, with much enthusiasm, to see once elected what your team’s policy will be vis-à-vis freedom movement in Iran.

You spoke about fighting your own battles in Alaska with the big oil companies and different lobbying organizations. It hit close to home for me. My compatriots in exile along with myself and my family have also been fighting our battles with some of the same oil companies and certain lobbyist organizations that have been in one way or other, knowingly or not knowingly helping the Mullah regime in Iran to survive, during the past thirty years.

Thirty years ago, Iran a country struggling to move into the 21st century was thrown back into the conditions of the dark ages. The world's major oil companies, super powers, European business men, radical Arab nations all, came together to lend a helping han... >>>

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Kas nakhard poshte man Joz NAKHON E angoshte man

by mastaneh (not verified) on

Who the hell is palin,,so far she is nobody,has never deal with international issues..

I am surprise ,ROxana never gets it ,In Republica party president is a bimbo with bunch of "big name"Commandor cheif ,super ...blah blah ,they need Sarah Palin and G w Bush,,so big corporation can easily run this country neither president or wise president opinion counts nor People's opinion as we felt it during last 8 years.....

Sarah palin another puppet added ...


Roxana, it seems that you

by kofri (not verified) on

Roxana, it seems that you and I both beilive that 30 years ago foreign hands were involved in the mess that they called it 79 enghelab and I call it aashob! Help me understand that now you think if we need a hand it is Mccain's??! You forgot Irangate? You forgot the fact that it was these ghoromsagh republicans who went to bed with Rafsenjani! You're so right, on jakesh Khomaine bood who wanted to pray in alghsa. He wanted to go all the way to Israel and sure thing he had to go to invade Iraq first! Perfect situation for western countries to sell arms to both sides. ofcourse ta ahmagh to donya hast mofles dar nemimoneh!! Now I care about what's happening to this new country of mine as well as Iran. Indeed it was almost 30 years ago in Iran that they did exactly what they are doing it to us in 2008 in America. They introduced bunch of good for nothing to us and left and right got "elected" as either the prime minister/ president/ member of parliament and .... They were "from the people, for the people, servant of Iranian nation (in their mind HERD not nation) and how ironic that all these happened after we reached the year in our history that a son or daughter of a school janitor could be also a Harvard or MIT or University of Tehran graduate!! But a society with a lot of layers had a layer (who in 1341 lost lands and shah ended their moftkhoris' time) that foreign power waited and soaked them up in salt for many years to use them against us, the layer that was ready for CHANGE. A lot of things is coming to my mind. All I need to share with you:
1. With the result of 2000 election, my first time eligible to vote in my new country, with the result of it I accused Al Gore to be sage zard baradare shoghale (meaning that he is one of them) and that's why he didn't fight for us all the way. I even questioned the constitution and I didn't want to waist my time any more. I vowed that I wont vote any more! (by the way because of all good things that he has done I've forgiven him)
2. 2008 comes and I 'm not planning to participate in election however I think democrats are making a BIG mistake by not giving this chance to Hillary and choosing Obama who by the way I voted for him in great state of Illinois in 2000. I didn't want him to be the nominee because I didn't think White America is ready for him and I didn't like his softness toward Iran (we don't need Chamberlin we need Churchill and Hillary was him for me) and he is only 46 he will have his chance later. Saga continues.
3. Mccain chooses Palin, I get pissed off. How irresponsible he can be. What if oftadi mordi (you die in WH) you want us to be in hand of somebody who "work with her hand" we educate our children with the best possible education to dismiss those who are graduate of Ivy league with heart of gold to choose you???? Where is the beef? Who is running this show behind the curtain? The Bush dynasty? Oh my God are they thinking us as "herd" one more time!! I broke my vow. I will vote for Obama because I have to choose between good and bad not between ideal, good and bad as it was during the primary. I'm voting to make sure that later I'm not going to blame others (I didn't participate in 1979 referendum in Iran at age of 17 my arguments was I don't know what is this IRI to say NO or YES) and that's why I blame those who said yes to them. Now I know what Mccains are and I want them to be stopped.
4. Pray fo Peace (although I don't think an Iranian blood is less important as those Italian or German during Moselini and Hitler time, Italian and German didn't take care of their evil on their own uprising, foreign troops rescued them. May be one day Iran will be free of these evils by getting an outside help! We shall see.