Palin talks tough on Iran, Russia in ABC interview
Los Angeles Times / Michael Finnegan
12-Sep-2008 (4 comments)

Sarah Palin took a hard line on Russia and Iran on Thursday as she fielded questions on foreign affairs for the first time since Republican presidential candidate John McCain named her his running mate two weeks ago.  The Alaska governor also reversed her stand on the cause of climate change, telling ABC News that she believes "man's activities certainly can be contributing to the issue of global warming." Less than a year ago, she said the opposite. She also appeared stumped when Gibson asked whether she agreed with the Bush Doctrine, which holds that the United States can wage preemptive war against hostile nations.  And Palin, whose critics see her as unqualified for the vice presidency, said she was "thankful that, under Reagan, we won the Cold War." The Soviet Union collapsed three years after Ronald Reagan left the White House.

News Goffer

What the heck was that Bush Doctrine?!!

by News Goffer on

I don't know...she didn't look terribly knowledgeable to me.  She was smart, though, trying to improvise as she went along, but not smart enough to actually pull it off.  It wouldn't have harmed her to read a little bit.  She actually said that from (somewhere in) her state, you could "see" Russia.  Is that supposed to be one of her credentials? 



She was visibly evading and playing with words

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

wanted to be treated like a princess. There was no chemistry in the interview. This went against her side.


not a shred of dignity

by IRANdokht on

A self-righteous attitude is really unhealthy. It makes the person think she has more credentials than she really does, it makes her think she knows it all, it makes and it makes her not sincere enough to say: I am not sure what you are calling Bush doctorine, or I don't know. She keeps her arrogant half smile on and comes up with fluff and slogans to fill the gaps. She even stared back at the reporter and repeated the same exact sentences she just said again and again acting as if he's the stupid one...

She is not sophisticated, she's not knowledgable, she's not dignified either. I guess she's a female GWB ! Didn't he take office for two terms? maybe that's what people can relate to, the majorioty of americans related to GWB and Palin better than a highly educated, worldly individual with good intentions.

We always fear the ones we don't relate to...


shinie head


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And Pile-On is a subscriber to it (I guess)!