Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare: Commentary
Bloomberg / Jeremy Gerard
12-Sep-2008 (2 comments)

When the interview turned to Iraq and Iran, Palin's innocence of diplomatic nuance, not to mention global politics, was something she couldn't dance around. We're America, she said, we don't have to put up with those uppity Eye-ranians. Does she believe we are doing God's will in Iraq? ``I wouldn't presume to know God's will, Charlie,'' she answered gamely. Gibson was ready with a clip of her sermonizing not long ago in church and she danced around that one, too.

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what a nice commentary

by IRANdokht on

Thank you for posting it Q. I was surprised by the BBC commentary, I don't see how they can be so supportive of Palin after such "aberoo-rizi" of an interview....  now I feel much better. 



Great article

by ex-beauty-queen (not verified) on

I was disgusted by her little wink and smackin' when she was trying to BS her way out of straight answers which were: I have no clue.
All she needed was a huge piece of gum in her mouth, the image would be complete then.
I hope more Americans see through her. I have given up on the Iranian neo-cons who have their heads up there and too busy smooching GOP's collective asses. The good news is the Iranian neo-cons votes to add up to much.