Iran president criticized over economy
San Press / Ali Akbar Dareini
13-Sep-2008 (one comment)

“These so-called worthless resolutions have actually got us into trouble and caused us to be swamped. We can't move on while just calling them (the resolutions) absurd. We have to join hands and stop these resolutions,” Rowhani was quoted in several newspapers as saying Saturday.

Mahdi Karroubi, Iran's former parliamentary speaker, also blasted Ahmadinejad, saying it is “shocking” that he paints a rosy picture of the economy.

Karroubi was reacting to a report by Ahmadinejad presented to Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Wednesday in which he claimed that unemployment was less than 10 percent, the economy had improved and that his active foreign policy created “exceptional opportunities” for Iran.

“The president's report was as if our society is living in paradise. We the audience were shocked,” newspapers quoted Karroubi as saying.

News Goffer

The man with one friend in the highest place

by News Goffer on

Aghayoun should just save their breath.  Mahmoud isn't going anywhere and isn't going to become truthful or accountable anytime soon, at least not with these types of criticism.  He is directly supported by Mr. Khamenei who wants him to be President for another four years.  Sure he would fabricate employment statistics and report all kinds of "good news" on all fronts.  He is campaigning, not running a country.