Iran's central bank chief resigns over differences with Ahmadinejad
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21-Sep-2008 (5 comments)

Mazaheri initiated last month a three-month currency reform process with the aim of knocking off three zeroes from the national currency (Rial). Upon his order, the central bank printed new 50 and 100 Rials, replacing the previous 500,000 (518 dollars) and 1 million Rial (1,036 dollars) bank cheques. Although the central bank reassured on state television that the new bank cheques could be used as de facto bank notes, several institutions, including banks, have hesitated to accept them, reflecting the government's dispute with Iran's Central Bank in the currency reform process. Due to an inflation rate of more than 26 per cent - in some cases even up to 50 per cent - the current bank notes, which range from 500 Rials (about 5 cents) to 50,000 Rials (5.18 dollars) - no longer correspond to the prices and people have had to take a lot of cash with them for even simple shopping. The coins are de facto worthless.

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Jumping the sinking ship

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Letting Mahmoud fix it himself, huh?!!  It's amazing to see IRI officials actually resigning these days!  No one ever used to resign before!  Things must be really bad.


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I don't know, Shinie Head....

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Why don't you read this New York Times report and tell me whether the news was credible or not! NG

Iran’s President Replaces Central Bank Chief

By NAZILA FATHI Published: September 21, 2008

TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad replaced the governor of the Central Bank on Saturday after an escalation in their differences over monetary policy and inflation, according to the Iranian news agency Fars.

Tahmasseb Mazaheri, the Central Bank governor, was appointed a year ago after his predecessor left office in a similar policy clash with Mr. Ahmadinejad. It is not clear whether Mr. Mazaheri resigned or was dismissed.

“I have heard the news, too,” Mr. Mazaheri told Fars about being replaced.


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Is this news credible?

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Instant Karma's gonna get you

by fiorangela (not verified) on

Dear Iranians who think the US is eager to save you:

Are you aware of the intent of US House Res. 1400, the so-called Kyl-Lieberman act? Do you know that the goal of this piece of legislation that the representatives of the American people passed, is to so thoroughly constrict the Iranian economy that Iranian citizens will become so angry they will riot in the streets and overthrow their government? Are you aware of that, those of you who still think the US is your friend?

Don't believe me? Listen to Orange County, CA Republican representative Ed Royce describe what he and his colleagues hope you Iranians will do in reaction to the constraints the US Congress is enforcing on your economy:


Listen to Mr. Royce as he smacks his lips in stupid and ghoulish anticipation of the way you stupid Iranians will just naturally put your lives and your children's future on the line in order to get rid of a government that is interfering with the US and Israel's rapacious need to take over your economy and turn it into the same haven for predatory capitalists that has ruined the US economy.

After you've listened to Mr. Royce, take a look at this website, one that's associated with, the group that has distributed a DVD titled "Obsession," a study in Islamophobia. Read what's REALLY bothering Israel and the predatory capitalists in the US -- namely, the fact that Islamic banking does not permit the sort of predatory behavior that has destroyed the US: Here's what the Clarion website says at //

10. How is sharia applied to banking and finance laws?

Islamic banking and finance is a rapidly expanding industry that seeks to harmonize modern business practices and traditional religious norms. Classical sharia prohibits riba, the charging of interest. It also condemns excessive profits and requires Muslims to invest only in ventures that are consistent with Islamic principles; for example, investing in a brewery or casino is forbidden. The Islamic finance industry, with estimated assets of $200 billion to $300 billion, represents a small chunk of the global marketplace, but is "already playing a significant role in the financial systems in the Middle East," said John B. Taylor, U.S. under secretary of the Treasury, in a 2004 address. Some Muslim countries, including Malaysia, are making an effort to issue national bonds that comply with sharia principles. And in 2002, eight Muslim countries--Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Bahrain, and Kuwait--launched a new organization, the Services Board Islamic Financial, to set common standards for Islamic banking.

Bear in mind these fundamental characteristics of predatory capitalism:
a. Predatory capitalism must CONSTANTLY expand
b. Predatory capitalism does not apply only to the economic means of production; by its nature, predatory capitalism creates a relationship of social dominance/submission.
c. When one "hunting ground" plays out, a new hunting ground must be found for predatory capitalists to overtake.

d. The United States happy hunting ground is played out; Iran is still resource-rich, it has a young, plump, well educated population that will supply the predatory capitalists with passive income for another generation. Iran is the next hunting ground for the predatory capitalists.

e. Iran does not function according to the predator capitalists' rules.

THAT IS WHY IRAN MUST BE DESTROYED--"Shock Doctrined" so that the Friedmanites can swoop in and restructure Iranian society and finance so that their predatory maws will be filled at the (ultimate) expense of the majority of the Iranian people.

Ephraim Sneh does not obsess over Iran's nuclear power, he obsesses over Iran's riches, that Islamic law does not allow to submit to predatory capitalism.

My dear, dear Iranian friends, take a look at what predatory capitalism has done to the United States. 98% of the people of the United States will be in debt for the next two generations.

This is what Israel wants to do to you, Iran; stooges like Ed Royce (and John McCain and even, god help us, Barack Obama) really have no clue that they have been scammed by predatory capitalists.

Israeli predatory capitalists have worked a giant double sting: they have simultaneously destroyed the US economy and used US taxpayers and legislators to soften up the next field of conquest for Israeli predatory capitalism.

Now ask yourself these questions:

Ed Royce said the plan of HR 1400 is to bankrupt Iran so that you Iranians would overthrow your government.

How is that working out so far?
If that is the plan for Iran, what was the plan for the US? Was there a similar plan in place, because the US economy sure as hell is bankrupt.
Why aren't Americans rioting and overthrowing their government?

And the $700billion question: What version of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" gives moral authority to the US to deliberately seek to bankrupt another sovereign nation?

And IF there is a god who, as Zoroaster supposed, attached future consequences to acts done in the present, is it reasonable to speculate that the United States is in the impossible economic situation it is in today because of the evil it wished and enacted upon Iran?

Please, dear Iran, please take a lesson from what has befallen the United States, because most surely it is the same fate that is intended for you.

I gather from comments here that most Iranians think Ahmadinejad is a jerk, but I wish there were just one person in the entire United States who had the balls to stand up to Israelis, and defend American principles the way Ahmadinejad defends Iranian principles.

kheyli mamnun

Darius Kadivar

It seems He's losing control and credibility

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Wonder where Mahmoud got his degree in economy ? LOL

Thanks For Sharing SIR Goffer Lancelot. The Crown shall be greatful ;0)