Fallout Over Iran Rally and Palin Invitation Roils Jewish Community
CNS News / Patrick Goodenough
23-Sep-2008 (4 comments)

former president of the Labor Zionist Alliance (also a Conference of Presidents member organization, now known as Ameinu), Menachem Rosensaft, citing Palin’s thin foreign policy credentials, suggested that the decision to invite her “was little more than a not particularly subtle attempt to help her win Jewish votes for the GOP ticket.”

“Contrary to the McCain campaign’s insinuation,” he said, the Obama campaign had nothing to do with the subsequent decision to disinvite her, he said.


"dividing ourselves" in front of "enemies"

by Q on

Hm... looks like Obama's real chances of winning this election means American Jewish groups cannot afford to put all their eggs in the same Republican basket.



AIPAC is losing it

by Mehdi on

And it's about time. The international organized crime is falling apart. It's all because of Internet. They should make Internet illegal!


They use US as a milking cow for Israel! Patriotic to who?

by goldust (not verified) on

Amazing how US is being used by them! Everyone is their enemy, but they love everyone! Always fight and argue! Where is peace?


The ugliness of trying

by Jaleho on

to show off how they control both parties is just revolting. AND, the top guns of both parties often do  play like a good little pimp in front of AIPAC.

This time, I guess Obama knows how he's made it on top despite being an African American just becasue he ran on an anti-war platform. Allowing his vice to enagae in overt anti-Iran BS like the cheap Ms. Palin would have been  doing was just too dangerous for Obama. And, anything less than the vice  president to counter Ms. Palin would have broken the absolute "bi-partisan" anti-Iran propaganda.


Their pathetic efforts are really laughable.