U.S. should work with Iran to attack terrorism
San Francisco Chronicle / Omid Memarian
24-Sep-2008 (2 comments)

Al Qaeda threatens both Iran and the United States. Despite two costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. efforts to end terrorism have not succeeded. Osama bin Laden is still the most wanted man in the world, and al Qaeda is still freely operating in Afghanistan and in the entire Middle East region. Al Qaeda has expanded its network from the eastern provinces of Afghanistan to Pakistan. The ungoverned western territory Pakistan, which shares a border with Iran, has become a haven for al Qaeda.Yet Iranians continue to feel severely threatened by the Bush administration's policies. They have pushed forward their nuclear program, repeatedly saying that it is only for peaceful purposes, expanded their ties with groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and started to prepare for a possible attack by the United States.

If the two nations would engage in a comprehensive dialogue, and Iranians feel there is no threat of a U.S. attack, Iranians would help the United States in its war against terrorism.

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Great proposal

by Mehdi on

I for one am sick of all these threats and wars. Let's give peace a chance.



by peaceful (not verified) on

where are those old good days when everyones' favorite word was peace and friendship?