Obama goes over the top in bashing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Salon / Juan Cole
29-Sep-2008 (3 comments)

Committed Zionists, that is to say, Jewish nationalists, who believe that Israel must remain a Jewish-majority state, often see the advocacy of a one-state solution (in which Israeli Jews might be reduced to a simple majority or even only a plurality of the population) as a dire threat to the Jewish people. They are also known to smear anyone who demurs from their rigid conception of nationalism as an anti-Semite or even a terrorist. However, neither their conviction that any criticism of Israel must be prohibited, nor their insistence on a state dominated by a single ethnicity, nor their often unpleasant tactics of the destruction of reputations should stand in the way of Americans seeking an unblinkered understanding of contemporary Iran and pursuing American interests in regard to relations with Tehran.


Thank You professor Cole

by Q on

Once again, truthful and level-headed analysis by professor Juan Cole.



A refreshing point of view

by Observer (not verified) on

I have found good articles on Salon.com lately. Thanks for posting.


I was also surpised on how good

by Jaleho on

Larry King was of all the people! Fortunately, unlike some of our  Iranians of this site who just feel "ashamed" of Ahmadinejad's looks or the translator's voice, there are people like Juan Cole who pay attention to the content of the interview instead of the superficial garbage. Here's the interview link for those who missed it:



"Once again, U.S. politicians, including both Sarah Palin
and Barack Obama, pile on the Iranian president. Why does Larry King
(!) sound like the adult in the room?

By Juan Cole"