Analysis: Palin gets back on track, but Biden wins debate
03-Oct-2008 (10 comments)

"I may not answer the question the way you want to hear, but I'll talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record," Palin said.


(Obama-Biden) 2 - (McCain-Palin) 0

by Hajminator on

‫Go Obama, vazeh donya kharabeh



Desperate losers

by Hajminator on

Without looking at any poll scores, McCain and Palin’s attitudes say a lot on what they believe are their chances to win this election. They are using more personal attacks on Obama as the d-day comes near. For example Palin recently accused Obama to be a terrorist pal.

These kinds of behavior are ridiculously pathetic and define well the two desperate losers that they are.


Drill the votes baby

by Ali R. (not verified) on

According to the CNN focus group, Palin's best score so far was about energy independence. Her first badly scrambled answer came directly afterwards, on climate change. And I noticed that women hated the phrase, "Drill, Baby, Drill."

Do you really think someone like her can have an objective point of view about something serious going on this world?


Khodayeh pool rahm kon

by AghAbbasTheBoss (not verified) on

I thought Palin was very arrogant - she didn't answer questions, even said that she was not going to, and kept winking at the camera thinking that would charm the audience. Did anyone else hear that she was going to solve all the US and world's problems with her enegy policy? Apparently the economy would recover if we drill more oil in Alaska and get Mobil to pay for everything. Wonder what would happen after 3% of the world's oil reserve is used up by the consumer of 25% of the world's oil.

ebi amirhosseini

foxy news...

by ebi amirhosseini on

like father,like son !


GOP counting again!

by IRANdokht on

This reminds me of the vote count in Ohio where a town of 900 voters reported 10000 votes for Bush

LOL Majid   That was funny  :0)



Palin 70% and Biden 36% according to Drudge report....!!

by Majid on

OK...........So far it's 106% ! and......what was the margine of error?

Only RNC  and F...ks News can come up with these FACTS!

Khodaayaa......khodet rahm kon !


Palin 37% and Biden 63%

by Ali R. (not verified) on

If you want fairness from one direction, you're entitled to fairness from the other direction. It makes sense to look at the Fox News Poll as the media is believed to be pro-Republican.

About the debate itself, I believe Palin's objection to answering the question(s) she was asked was because she had her 'learned,' set pieces to say, and wasn't sure she could wing it on her own, if she hadn't already rehearsed it. Further, Sarah Palin's presidential running mate has been self-described as having been a hot-shot and a rebel; and now a maverick, which last is also used as a self-description of both him and his vice presidential running mate on the Republican ticket. Am I suuposed to understand that they are mavericks, not Republicans, but are willing to use the Party to help them get elected. I know what the dictionary definitions of a maverick are, and I have no idea what anyone else thinks, but when someone uses the word, maverick, the mental picture I see is of a steer which has separated from the herd, and is running willy-nilly here and there because it doesn't know what it is doing, and has no idea where it is going. I got the idea that Sarah Palin's idea of being a maverick is doing whatever she wants to do, regardless, and heaven help anyone who gets in her way. Haven't we just had two of those in the White House the last eight years? As for more power, under the constitution, for the Vice president, God forbid! I would like whomever wins future elections to fully understand, they are elected to lead. They are not elected to rule! They should be decisive, but they should not rule by decree. We elect a president. We do not elect a king, a dictator, or an emperor of the universe!


Palin 70% and Biden 36% according to Drudge report

by Anonymous on

it reminds me that perisan saying ,"when you appear in fornt of judge alone, you will leave happy" ..

Drudge report had Palin 70% and Biden 36% with 250,000 voting.

this still does NOT make it a fact...electronic voting is nonsense!


Who won the vice presidential debate Thursday?

by Ali R. (not verified) on

Fox News Poll:

Sarah Palin 37%

Joe Biden 63%

Total Voters:170290