Iran's oil party is over, economists warn
Agence France Presse
23-Oct-2008 (2 comments)

"Even though this year's budget was based on 40 dollars a barrel, when we did the maths, it turned out that if prices go below 60 dollars per barrel, the country will face a budget deficit," MP Hadi Haghshenas told AFP.Estimates among MPs and economists for the deficit range from seven billion dollars to a whopping 30 billion dollars.Economist Saeed Laylaz warned that lower oil prices would ultimately have an impact on Iranian wallets, despite massive subsidies on fuel and other basics such as water. "If the oil price falls below 85 dollars a barrel for a long time, the government will have to make it up by collecting more taxes and this means more economic pressure on people," he told AFP.

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جيك جيك مستونت بود

News Goffer

:محمود، محمود

وقتی‌ که جيك جيك مستونت بود, فكر زمستونت بود?



What Party?

by Killjoy (not verified) on

There's never been a party for the poverty-stricken Iranians!

The "populist" president's promises with regards to economic well-being for the poor proved to be a bunch of campaign lies.

The regime in Tehran has only brought disasters to Iranians in its thirty years of history.