Iran feels economic pain as oil prices fall
The Associated Press / Ali Akbar Dareini
30-Oct-2008 (2 comments)

Precise government numbers are hard to come by. But Iranian economists contacted by the AP estimated the government earned more than $200 billion from oil exports in the last three years, during Ahmadinejad's tenure, or an average of $66 billion a year.

That compares with just $173 billion earned in the previous eight years, or an average of $21 billion a year.

News Goffer

Mahmoud spent $200 billion in 3 years?! Really?!

by News Goffer on

The numbers in this report are staggering.  What happened to the money?  I'm not kidding here!  What happened?  This is too serious you guys.  Look at another excerpt of the report:  "

Among the dire statistics made public this week: The government may have as little as $9 billion left in its hard-currency reserve, the rainy day fund set aside to bolster the currency, import goods or pay off debt, according to one official, an ally of the president, who gave that figure to newspapers.  Other officials immediately disputed that, saying Iran still had closer to $20 billion or $25 billion in the fund."



And you will see where $$$ went.

by Do Research! (not verified) on

What happened is you dont live in Iran.. have never visited the rural areas... and haven't seeen all the money they recieved. the small loans to the millions of families to get started in business to destroy the monopoly the capitalists in irans have.

My uncle personally got a small loan and has now started a chop-koneh, bought 2 machines with the loan Ahmadinejad gave him. Now the big chop-koneh next to him is mad that he is taking away his clients. Guess they dont understand the concept of competition in market economy...

They are also distributing the sahm-e-edelat now too. I was just in Iran and they sent the paperwork out to 2 million families, it took 2 years finally to get it going.