Ex-speaker denounces 'cash-for-votes' in Iran parliament
Agence France Presse
01-Nov-2008 (one comment)

TEHRAN (AFP) — A former speaker of parliament has denounced reports that Iranian MPs are being offered government cash to vote against impeaching the interior minister, who lied about his education, the Mehr news agency said Friday.  According to the reports, MPs were being offered cheques for 50 million rials (5,215 dollars, 4,085 euros), ostensibly to benefit mosques in their districts. However, they were asked to sign an undertaking not to vote to censure Interior Minister Ali Kordan.

News Goffer

ki bood, ki bood, maa naboodim!

by News Goffer on

Worse and worse by the minute!  Now, he might be illiterate, a cheat, and unqualified for the position, but we've gotta hand it to him--Ali Kordan seems to have clout!