Iran minister ousted for forged Oxford degree
Telegraph / David Blair
04-Nov-2008 (10 comments)

Ali Kordan, who became interior minister in August, was toppled after he tried to prove his suitability for the job by claiming to be an Oxonian. To support his boast, Mr Kordan flourished a certificate purporting to show that Oxford had awarded him an "Honorary Doctorate in Law".This garbled document, riddled with typing errors and misspellings, supposedly carried the signatures of three Oxford professors. Using convoluted English, the certificate commended Mr Kordan for his "great effort" in "preparing educational materials" and for "research in the domain of comparative law that has opened a new chapter".All three professors whose forged signatures appear on the semi-literate document have indeed held posts at Oxford. But Mr Kordan had not troubled to check that they were lawyers. None of them were, said the University, adding that "none of them would sign degree certificates".

News Goffer

Kordan Impeached

by News Goffer on

The lie that was too big to cover up, even for Mahmoud!



How about some Sharia laws

by Fatollah (not verified) on

How about some Sharia laws applied here for once to those who endorse it! F#"#"! Impeachment, this is not United States of America, but Islamic Republic of Iran!


this is a good news...............

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

.....because it emphasizes the true democracy. The Parliament in the Islamic Republic of Iran has the controll over each single secretary. I my self had not known how things are regulated in that country. I do not know any other country either with this kind of broad controll-competency of Parliament. In the United states of America for example there are a lot of matters which are known only to the President. It reminds of some kind of dictatorship hier. Greeting


‫نمیدونم این ۷ بیماریه خطرناک رو میشناسین یا نه؟

DoctorBashi (not verified)

۱− بِری −> کمبود ویتامین ب
‫۲− بری بدی −> کمبود پول
‫۳− بری بری −> کمبود وقت
‫۴− بِدی بِدی −> خراب ذاتی
‫۵− بِدی بگی −> کمبود عقل
‫۶− بگی ندی −> بد قولی
‫۷− بری ندی −> چتر بازی
‫این کُردان هم به این هفتمین مرض مبتلاست و متأسفانه چترش هم سوراخه


His degree WAS genuine!

by Anonymous Misha (not verified) on

I was actually present when he was awarded his doctoral degree.

I know it is hard to believe, but indeed he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in the specialty field of charlatanism, islamic corruption, thievery, and thuggery. He was also told that there is soon to be a new Nobel price in the same field specially for him and likes of him in the leadership of IRI.


Good news

by Abarmard on

this is a good news, shows the system tries some sort of accountability.


He is just an example!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

He his just an example of the way things are in Iran.Lies ,corruption,bribery,embezzlement.


Are they going to lash or

by Abdollah (not verified) on

Are they going to lash or whip him or anything? Simple impeachment is not going to bother him, is it? He'll just steal something else somewhere else.

News Goffer


by News Goffer on

And the other thing which has been confusing about this whole fiasco is that for years Ali Kordan was the chief financial officer of IRIB, working for Ali Larijani. While there, he was accused of huge embezzlements and major wrong doing. His then boss Ali Larijani was always supporting this guy, keeping him from persecution.

Now Larijani is Speaker of the House and the Parliament impeaches Kordan. What happened?


‫آخه چرا؟

Kordan (not verified)

من بالاترین مدرک چاخان بازیرو تو این دنیا دارم. تنها کسی ام که بتونه این انتخاباتو طوری تنظیم کنه، که فقط خودم بدونم تقلبش کجاست. والا بدرد جمهوری اسلامی من فقط میخورم....