Iranians Hope Obama Lives Up to His Name
TIME / Nahid Samidoust
07-Nov-2008 (4 comments)

Iran's former Vice President, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, expressed a widely accepted analysis among reformists, saying Iran's conservatives would have preferred a McCain victory, "because they benefit more from enmity with the U.S., which allows them to rally the Islamic world behind their policies and at the same time suppress dissent at home."

"Obama has said he'd talk to Iran," exclaimed an excited auto spare parts dealer, Mehran Yaghoubi, 40. "He's a peace-loving type. With him, Iran and the U.S. could finally sit down at a table and negotiate."

News Goffer

Iranian people happy, the IRI not

by News Goffer on

I am sure this is the first of similar analysis, showing that IRI leaders are not happy with Obama's election, as they have always gained momentum and power under Republican US presidents' love for war, building a bigger "enemy" out of the US, and doing as they please with violations of human rights in Iran.



Iran and America (secret deal)

by Izzy (not verified) on


America and Iran have one thing in common. They both believe that God is behind them. OBAMA is rejected by the Christian Fundamentalists of United States who believe in the return of Jesus Christ like Ahmadinejad who believes that Mahdi returns to bring peace into this corrupt world. I respect both Bush and Ahmadinejad and someday we become good economic partners.


Abtahi is the one to talk!

by Alrighty then (not verified) on

Oh really? like there was no suppression of dissent in Iran under his boss mollah Khatami why thery were in office!!!


What about the Grand Bargain?

by Hopeful (not verified) on

Well I hope Obama does not make any under-the-table deal with mullahs at the expense of average Iranian although a lot of oil and mullah lobbyists are pushing for it.

P.S. I doubt very much that the relationship between IR and the U.S. will ever be truly normalized for as long as mullahs rule since these incompetent corrupt mullahs always need a powerful entity to call enemy and to blame everything on in order to justify their shortcomings for average Iranians inside.