Iran fails to halt U.N. assembly rights resolution
21-Nov-2008 (2 comments)

Western nations claimed a success on Friday when a U.N. General Assembly resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran passed through a key committee more easily than in the past.

Iran's bid to halt action on the resolution in the assembly's third committee -- meaning it would have been shelved -- was defeated by 81 votes to 71. A similar move on a similar resolution last year was stopped by just one vote.

The committee then passed the resolution by 70 votes to 51, although 60 countries abstained. The resolution goes to the full assembly next month, but diplomats said the outcome was expected to be the same and the key vote was in the committee.

News Goffer

Shotor savari dolla dolla!

by News Goffer on

I don't get the IRI's behavior.  They do whatever they want against the human rights conventions they signed themselves, and when attention is brought to the violations of human rights in Iran, instead of correcting their behavior, they try to bribe and cajole other UN members to keep such resolutions from being discussed.

Shotor savari dolla dolla nemeesheh aghaayoon!  Either clean up your act or face the consequences.



face the consequences!!

by Iva (not verified) on

For 30 years, moslem clerics have killed, maimed, beaten, imprisoned and destryoed countless lives without any consequences! The consequences should come from Iranian population and it would have come if it wasn't for a population which is drowned in superstition. A Population which is scared motionless from invisible creatures!