The New American President vs. the Islamic Regime
Iran va Jahan / Shaheen Fatemi
25-Nov-2008 (one comment)

Once again American relations with Iran is at a crossroad. With the election of a new president in the United States, time has come for a new page to be turned in the U S Iranian relations. It is a common knowledge that perhaps with the exception of Israel, Iran is the only country in the Middle East with the longest history of intense relations with America. In spite of what Ahmadinejad and his clan may claim, and despite thirty years of governmental anti-American propaganda, America and its institutions remain the idol and the ideal for most Iranians.

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American Wife

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There appear to be several different camps of thought.  One suggesting that any communication with the Islamic Regime gives them recognition they don't deserve, thus have no relations whatsoever.... or open communication with Iran's leaders with the hope that we can once again develope some kind of relationship, thus opening the door to support human rights in Iran.  I'm no political giant, that's for sure.  Which is going to serve Iran best in the long run?  Recognition of the mullahs?  Oh and then you've got the supporters for a surgical strike against nuclear facilities, and those who oppose ANY form of military action against Iran.  Or those who look to the West for support of women's rights, etc. versus those who insist "just leave us alone, we'll deal with our problems outselves".   I've got the advantage of having an Iranian husband and also of IC itself to stay somewhat informed.  Can you imagine the average American who doesn't have the vaguest idea what Iran or Iranians want?

I guess I'll just remain optimistic.  We never thought we'd have a black president... maybe peace with Iran CAN happen in our lifetime!!!!