Obama names Volcker as head of economic advisory board
Associated Press / Sara Kugler
26-Nov-2008 (2 comments)

 "Volcker, 81, will head the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The board's top staff official will be Austan Goolsbee, a University of Chicago economist."

"What we are going to do is combine experience with fresh thinking," he said. "But understand where the vision for change comes from. First and foremost, it comes from me. That's my job, is to provide a vision in terms of where we are going and to make sure then that my team is implementing."


Obama names Volcker to head econ advisors

by Jaleho on

Obama is already making a fast and great selection of economic advisors to tackle the financial crisis. Volker as the head of economic advisors, coupled with the bright Austan Goolsbee is like a dream team. The younger Geithner got the treasury secretary job which Obama was pressured to offer to Larry Summers!

Larry Summers instead was offered to head national economic council which if you add people like Orszag to the team, you'd get a brainstorming economic crew. Precisely what was lacking from Bush and lame looking King Henry Paulson!

These announcements by itself should help restore confidence that the Bush-Paulson group have destroyed so badly. The miserable state of economy deserves no less.




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