Attack on Iran would be catastrophe - Czech minister in Israel
04-Dec-2008 (one comment)

A war is only justifiable under exceptionally extreme conditions. It cannot be started for any special reason, Schwarzenberg said adding he is serious about this. The Jerusalem Post daily quoted Schwarzenberg as saying that Israel need not explain anything to the Czechs about what fears is has because they know it very well from their history.

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Has anybody thought about.......

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What if Iran gets nuclear power?
Will it mean:
1. Iran can not be bullied anymore?
2. USA will not have to scarifice more troops?
3. Israel will have to actually give in to the creation of Palestine state?
4. Iran will have to become more democratic?
5. Iranian people will leap forward to become an industrialized nation?
6. The Anti-IRI force will have a chance to go and visit their mother land (Their cut-throat wish!!!)?

Have you actually seen any country using A-bom to invade or be invaded?

I think it is easier to democratize Molla's than get rid of them. Just take a look at what happened to IRI in past 15 years. They have come long way!!!