Why Are Execs Getting Bonuses?
Yahoo News / ABC News
18-Dec-2008 (4 comments)

Wall Street FAILED Execs are getting $billions of bonuses from taxpayers. This, at a time that middle class America is being wiped out, yet is paying the bills, is quite shameful.





$Billions of taxes to thieves again!

by Jaleho on

In my blog, "Near a $Trillion from Main Street to Wall Street" I used Goldman Sachs as a prototype of the US government dirty relationship with Wall Street theives:


I also thought it was very disgusting that people like Mr. Buffet who invested $5 Billion of his own in Goldman Sachs, would advocate NO OVERSIGHT on how Henry Paulson spends near $TRILLION of tax payers hard earned money. Now, we see what happened with that lack of oversight!! Here was my comment on Warren Buffet's thred:

WB putting his mouth where he put his money!

by Jaleho on

Warren Buffet indeed is a great investor. Buffet would not have invested $5 billion of his own money in Glodman Sachs were he not SURE that Henry Paulson, the former CEO of GS would do everything in his power as the Treasury Secretary to save Goldman!


As much as most people might agree with him on the urgent need for the government to do something to help the financial crisis,  I am not sure if everyone is as ardent as him granting unlimited spending power to Henry Paulson. This is Buffet's  quote: " I think we should give Paulson a blank check", and not have many people interfere with how he spends it.


Sorry Mr.Buffet, your recent Goldman Sachs investment might benefit tremendously by that decision, but Henry Paulson is not quite the KING HENRY YET!!


This is like giving Cheney the power to choose wars, I am sure he would choose the wars that would benefit his former company, Haliburton. Oh wait, he already did that :-)


PS. We already have seen  Mr. Paulson pick and choose: he
actually bargained for JP Morgan to pay $2 p/s rather than the offered
$10 to Bear Stearns, he quietly watched Lehman go under and Merrill
Lynch to be bought over the weekend, but on Monday he went on fire and saved GS and MS from the same fate. If I had Warren Buffet's money, I would have bet it
on Paulson using everything in his power to save Goldman Sachs too!!




har chi fohsh!

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

We really have one solution only now and that is to go on standstill. It will hurt us all for a month or so, but not for decades to come.

No banking transactions and energy use for one single minute at a specific time across the globe.
chiefs need Indians....

American Wife

excellent video

by American Wife on

The more the people know, the more the outrage.  The more outrage, hopefully there will be more accountability. It just makes me want to puke, the obvious criminality of these Wall Street crooks.


When corruption becomes legal, the empire falls

by Kaveh the Plumber (not verified) on

When the push comes to shove, corruption goes to the roof. Does this mean U.S. and allies are doomed? We need a new ideology, a new "good thinking, talking, behaving" to rule this world. In U.S. the main street is running in a "rat wheel", living to work and pay the bills that goes to the pockets of a bunch of JaAKesh (crooks)!