Shirin Ebadi's Private Law Office Stormed by Iran's Security Forces
Human Rights in Iran / Change for Equality
29-Dec-2008 (33 comments)

On Monday December 29, 2008 at 5:30 in the afternoon the private law office of Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Lawyer and human rights defenders was stormed by 5 security officers identifying themselves as tax officials, who presented a letter allowing them to take two computers and other documents. Shirin Ebadi has however refused to surrender her case files and computers to these officials citing that the confidential nature of the work of lawyers, especially human rights lawyers, and claiming that the act of surrendering client files to government officials would breach that confidentiality. These security officials are presently in Ms. Ebadi's private law office and engaged in search of the premises and seizure of property.


Never Ending Struggle

by IRANdokht on

Please do check this website often:





Such a Shame

by capt_ayhab on

It is such an utter shame and disgrace for  IR thugs to disrespect one of the most respectable women in our nation, and entire Muslim world as a whole.

I do have the worlds respect for Dr. Shirin Ebadi, as should every human being, specially Muslim Women.


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Niloufar Parsi

American wife

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for that. on Shirin: she has published a great book on her life and struggles in English in the US. What is interesting is that she had to take the US government (dunno which department) to court, and got them to change the law of the land in order to pubish it. go figure! this amazing woman has actually managed to push forward freedom of expression in the US too. the law she challenged was the part of the US sanctions on iran that prevened iranians from publishing in the US. i cannot resist also adding that the US sanctions were, among other things, meant to discourage censorship in iran. 

on the events of the past few days on this blog, i can only speak for my own part in the storm: the anger has come from the massacre itself, and it has never been about any idividual (except one that i really have pushed the ignore button on). i hope we will go into the new year as friends with mutually understood differences on political outlooks. i cannot claim to have a clue about democracy if i cannot keep my discussions with well meaning contributors here on a civil level.


American Wife


by American Wife on

What a lovely sentiment and timely as well.  While I don't know much of Shirin Ebadi's efforts beyond some recent research, it's clear that she not only has strong convictions but the determination to continue her cause.  I hope it wouldn't be considered an insult to say "God bless her". 

Enuf... thanks.  I'm not sure you've convinced me but thanks for the effort...:-).  Just when I think I see some openmindedness, my hopes are  It's becoming increasingly more hostile on IC and it only makes me wonder how the world can come to peaceful terms when there is so much hate and discontent on this website.  One is not allowed a different opinion without being viciously attacked. 

What a shame.  What a pity.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

At long last the separation of religion from the state is gaining strong momentum, and Ebadi's support for this is as important as Soroush's unrelenting efforts. ironically, we have the mullahs to thank for it too for truth is that religion was never far removed from the state since the Safavid period at least, whether formally or informally. we have been slaves to the mullahs for the longest time: from the moment we are born we have them whispering superstition in our ears until the moment we are laid to rest. Slowly but surely, this change is coming. Lets hope that it will come without bloodshed.

lets also hope that this separation will happen for real in the US, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan... some day, we will all recognize our real connection and interdependence that transcends national borders and affect us all directly or indirectly. and then, hopefully, we will not be throwing about insults at each other pointlessly.

Honour is not a badge to wear for public consumption through political correctness. Honour is a way of being.

best wishes for the new year

David ET

Dear Mammad

by David ET on

Great summary of Dr. Ebadi.

Indeed Shirin Ebadi was a Shia Muslim and remains to be one but that is beside the point . As I had stated in the last blog that I provided a link to, she is now promoting separation of religion and state and if you read and listen to her public comments in 2003 and on, that was not the position that she was taking and she was actually promoting the concept of Islamic democracy.

This is not a tactical move nor is an ideological shift, she is still a Muslim , it was a recognition after trying the other route during Khatami era and then coming to realization that a secular government is the only solution. In other words strategically she shifted more to the left and that is when her problems with IR government and harrassments substantially multiplied (not that she didnt have them before)

I also have some personal exprerinces with her in that past versus later which lead me to believe the same viewpoint.

But all this at this point  does NOT matter.

As alwyas her defense of human rights should be fully supported and coordinated with as well as her own personal rights defended.

I also see no problem with contructive critism and debates about different people including Shirin Ebadi and others and neither does she according to her own comments and interviews .

wishing you the best in 2009

Kaveh Nouraee

No one is hijacking this news blog

by Kaveh Nouraee on

with the possible exception of the blog's creator.

How dare you accuse me of not respecting human rights or Dr. Ebadi's rights, when in fact it is you that lacks respect for others?!?! On top of that, you display a measure of open hostility and contempt for those who question you!!

I believe I have been very clear in stating that I clearly despise the actions that are being taken by the IRI against Dr. Ebadi. So for you to suggest anything else is a bold-faced lie. Additionally, not that Zion needs me as a defender, but there is nothing in Zion's post suggesting Dr. Ebadi's rights should not be respected.

So before you continue accusing anyone of hijacking this thread, you might want to consider the fact that it is you who is the hijacker, by hurling baseless accusations, fueled by your increasingly vitriolic intolerance for the viewpoints of others, despite your ad nauseum protestations to the contrary. Not to mention comments like "It's never fashionable to criticize Israel", which can only be described as stupid, outrageous and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who reads it.

You are so blinded by your animosity towards anyone who doesn't "rubber stamp" everything you say you can't see straight.

And in the future, don't try and admonish me, saying things like, "Zion is not anyone's role model for...." as if I'm a child looking for a hero to worship, and you're the one to decide who it shall be.



by IRANdokht on

Thank you Mammad for the very clear description of Dr Ebadi's situation. No she has not changed her thinking and I am glad you mentioned that. What a great personal commentary on Dr Ebadi.

Dear friends Mammad, Niloufar jan (I am very jealous that you two have met her in person), Mr Yassari aziz, David, and all who support Dr Ebadi and commented about her credentials and these constant abuses that she's facing while continuing to fight for human rights in Iran:
Thank you for supporting her and please do visit the link that I posted for more news on the brave Iranians and their struggle. Your comments are truly appreciated.

To those who are speaking off topic and trying to score a point for their various stance on political topics:
Please find another post to pollute! Dr Ebadi is very respected and your sarcasm and nish-o kenayeh is completely out of place here.

Thank you and have a safe and peaceful new year!



The goal in pressuring Shirin Ebadi

by Mammad on

First, a few observations about Shirin Ebadi and her treatment by others:

Monarchists consider her a stooge of the IRI. Jews are angry at her for criticizing the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel. The "brave" opposition from the comfort of their homes OUTSIDE Iran criticize her for not doing enough to help Iran move towards a more open society.

Then, the Iranian Hezbollah harasses her, threatens her, accuses her of all sorts of things, and does not even leave her family alone. Since she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003, the company in which her husband, Mohandes Tavassolian,  works has been audited many times to see whether any irregularities can be found (none has been found). Her older daughter Narges was accused by Hezbollah of converting to the Bahai faith. Her only brother Jafar, the closest friend of mine for 31 years, a professor of economics at Tehran University, and one of the 57 economists who have criticized Ahmadinejad for wasting Iran's resources, has been monitored closely.

This tells me that Shirin is an independent, thinking, courageous woman, who is doing what she can, TO THE EXTENT THAT SHE CAN (not the extent that we decide for her), AND THE WAY SHE THINKS SHE SHOULD DO HER WORK (not the way we think). This is not meant to imply that Shirin has not been wrong. I do not agree with some of her positions. But, nothing takes away from her the vast amount of work that she has done.

Now, what is the goal in the recent sudden increase in the pressure on her? The fundamentalists want to force her into exile, like many others that have gone into exile. If she leaves (and she has told me in the past that she would never leave), then the rest of her colleagues will find it much more difficult to continue their work. To give you one example: A lot of times, Iran's prominent attornies that work with Shirin in her Center for the Defense of Human Rights, do their work on a pro-bono base. But, these are also people with families, economic needs, etc. In many cases, Shirin provides them with financial support, so that they can continue their work, and she either pays them from her own pocket, or gives them non-political cases to work on to make ends meet.

Now, unlike what David ET says, Shirin has not changed her views. Politically, she is on the left side of the political spectrum; has always been. Personally, she is religious and says her prayers every day. In fact, she carries with her a "jaa namaaz." What she has changed is her TACTICS not thinking. With the rise of Ahmadinejad and his utter incompetence in almost all aspects, together with racheting up of the pressure, an adjustment in the tactics became necessary.



To MRX1: in this case, mosht nemooneh kharvar nist

by Enuf (not verified) on

Dear please do not regard these handful of khodforookhteh who pop up under tens of different registered and unregistered aliases as representatives of Iranians or Iranian minds either inside or outside Iran.

I assure you that average Iranian Hassan and Taghi inside Iran have so many day-to-day problems that Palestine, Palestinians and their problems are the farthest things from their minds.

Best regards,


Solution for Ebadi

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Starting tomorrow Ebadi should say that she is Palestinian, or her father was Palestinian or her great great great grand father was Palestinian and/or her uncle was serving tea in Palestine mosque, her mother went to ziarat and became sigheh to Palestinian, etc. Then may be then she will get some sympathy. Human rights for Iranian? it's an alien concept.Iranian life has no meaning let’s be clear about that.

IRI has done a fantastic job of brainwashing Iranian people of all kind. Those in lower socio economic class, stuck with rotten economy and repression in Iran worship their oppressors on a daily basis and actually want to give their money or their own life for this fictional place called Palestine.

Those who are educated and well off and live abroad, because they can not stand living under IRI, Hamas, Islamic jihad, Taliban and so on, actually start praising these organizations every time there is altercation between Israel and Arabs.

Hat’s of to IRI you have done a fantastic job!


To American Wife

by Enuf (not verified) on

Please I beg of you not to consider the handful of commentators on this website as representatives of the overall Iranians or Iranian community abroad.

These hateful shameless antisemitic folks unfortunately represent a very small minority of Iranian people who are also mouthpieces of the current rulers of Iran and constantly voice out mullahs' views and propaganda pieces on this site under various disguises.

I grew up in Iran, and can say with great confidence and certainty that Iranian people in general are not anti-semitic at all and have never had anything aganist Jews, Israel or Jewish people. In fact, before the revolution, Iran had the largest number of Jews living peacefully outside Israel.

David ET

Mr Yassari

by David ET on

K and N are diagonally above each other and when typing fast with more than one  "finger"! without glasses, then is matter of which finger goes first ....and also Brain doesn't work that way when it is supposed to type K shortly after. But whatever! She knows me much better than that and I do not have to prove anything to you Sir !  I already went beyond need to explain and said sorry to her !

After all, I was the one trying to get readers attention to this news blog !!!

Mr Yassari: Please do not try to muddy waters and fish in them too for own agendas.  Discuss the thread or whatever you wish but when it comes to any misunderstanding between two friends and associates, mind your OWN business!

Javad Yassari

Lady IRANdokht

by Javad Yassari on

Thank you for sharing this important news with us and for always standing up for protection of human rights everywhere and most importantly in Iran.  I am much obliged to your tireless and consistent stance in defense of Ms. Ebadi's work and against violations of human rights in Iran.  In the face of very interesting revealations about people's true agenda, alliances and thinking these days, it continues to be refreshing to see you share news and speak your mind independently and with grace even under attack.

Mr. ET: With all due respect, Sir, letters k and n are not next to one another on the keyboard.  Sharmandeh, but poor form, Sir.

Niloufar Parsi

irandokht jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

shirin has always carried out her work in the face of direct harassment from the regime, and yet never given up. she is a true hero who has no pomp or conceit in her manner. a very upright and serious professional who rarely smiles in a meeting, but radiates optimism.

i had the privilege of interviewing her for a paper of mine earlier this year, and walked out of her office in awe and admiration.

they had better not harm her! and i don't think they will. they stand to lose too much face if they do.


David ET

sorry IraNdokht

by David ET on

not intentional. long day. I am reaching for glasses ...

( now I understand why you said its not Irak its Iran, I didnt even understand first time what you were talking about. Also by clicking on the reply link on my comment you took away my chance to correct them. But you can call me davik from now on if it makes you feel better : -)

By the way as I have told you BEFORE !! I have not changed my views about Ebadi one bit! just because I apprecate v=very much her sruggles for human rights and stand for her rights too!  She is actually the one who has changed her positions and become more secular than before when she was praising concept of Islamic democracy and so on!

I always appreciated what she has done as a human rights advocate and also have critisized her for some of her views too and I do not see any conflict in that!



I am NOT an extremist to consider those with views that I support above critisim and those that I disgaree with beyond discussion.

It is that exact mentality of all or nothing that has created dictators and oppressed in Iran for centuries.

Should I repeat  AGAIN?! I see many rays of colors that exist between black and white.



by IRANdokht on

I shouldn't even be answering you

why do you insist on addressing me as Irakdokht?


David ET


by David ET on

Zion , Kaveh, Q, Xerxex, YT , Niloufar, Dariush, etc etc are all my sisters and bothers with diofferent point of views and some even on extremes ends and some even very different than mine, but then mine is different that theirs too !!

I agree and disagree but I hear all out and then respond if I have something to say. But I do not disqualify based on the messenger. we all are human and we all have our pluses and minuses and none are perfect.


That is called freedom of expression and tolerance. 

The lack of tolerance is what I stand against not just the name IR or whatever the "form's are


Above was my long answer, short one I already had stated:

Black and white and no colors ...that has been our problem...shahs and ayatollahs are just reflections of the OUR underlying problem and thinking!!

peace in new year


David it's not Irak it's Iran

by IRANdokht on

you're telling me to take a deep breath and read what you wrote...

when was I addressing you or your comment? Are you speaking for Zion and Kaveh now?

I decided this posted article was not going to be highjacked to be used by people who do not have respect for Ebadi or Human rights to put others down.

You're right I have had to defend Ebadi from your attacks many times in the past, but I do believe that you have changed your mind about her and appreciate what she's doing. 

I am sorry you took that personally!


David ET


by David ET on

you OK ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

repectfully I suggest you take a deep breath, read again what I wrote and think again !

and if you still think the same...never mind , sorry I asked for attention to poor Ebadi TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Great timing on IR's part ! Platestine first , 2nd and 300's , Ebadi deserves no comments or attention!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

One day I am the one who questions Ebadi for some of her thoughts and you say leave her alone and another day you get bothered that I also ask a PROPORTIONAL attention to her fate too !!!!

I dont get either logic but whatever!!!!!!!

Black and White and no colors in between , again and again and again!!!!!!!

I stand corrected!!!

Kaveh Nouraee

Whoa, lady

by Kaveh Nouraee on

You are getting quite bold.

Yes, you posted a news item about HR violations in Iran, an occurrence of such regularity, people can set their clocks to it.

But, no, no one came in here to give you lessons in the importance of caring about home instead of Palestine and Israel. The observation was made that there has been a complete absence of criticism concerning the actions the IRI has taken against Dr. Ebadi, while there has been no shortage of criticism against Israel, whether for retaliating against Hamas rocket attacks or anything else for that matter, criticisms that have been pouring down like the recent rains in Southern California.

Maybe somewhere lost in this equation is the fact that the goons who have trampled upon Dr. Ebadi's rights are the same goons who paid for the rockets launched into Israel.

I despise what has happened to Shirin Ebadi. This is proof that the IRI is desperate and will stop at nothing to supress the Iranian people. I have tremendous respect and admiration for the fact that she has taken a stand and refuses to turn over the items these so-called "tax collectors" are seeking. She clearly has the balls to stand up to these goons, and to her I say "bravo", even if I say so from the safety and distance of my "comfort zone".

I also despise what has happened to Hoder too, even though I disagree with just about everything he says in his blogs. I don't see your name on the IC petition demanding his release. What about his rights? Just wondering.

EVERY human life? Does that include the Israeli civilians that are blown to pieces by the rockets Hamas fires into Israel? Or do they fall under the category of "Restrictions Apply"?

Not THAT open-minded? Interesting. Sounds similar to someone saying that they're not THAT pregnant.


Open minded about what?

by IRANdokht on

Everyone who was speaking of the atrocities of this latest massacre in Gaza was blamed for not caring about Iranians enough!

Then you guys come where I have posted the news about HR violations in Iran and start giving me lessons about how important it is to care about "home" instead of Palestine and Israel?

Since when daayeh mehraban tar az maadar lazem darim?

If you have something to add about Shirin Ebadi's work please stay. I'll be more than happy to read your contributions.

If you think you can use this article to crap on others, then stop!

I am not THAT open-minded to sit here and watch you two have a go at it at the expense of people who I am sure care about EVERY human life!


Kaveh Nouraee

Oh please, khodeti

by Kaveh Nouraee on

What does this have to do with patriotism?

Aren't you supposed to be open-minded?

If so, then why are you so acutely defensive about criticism, especially when it's in the broadest, most general sense possible? Of course it's an "Iranian" criticism. Who are we talking about? Norwegians?

Why are you taking such great offense and exception, and in such a dramatic fashion, unless perhaps somehow deep down the sentiment is actually applicable?

BTW: I have disagreed with Zion on just as many occasions as I have been in agreement, and Zion knows that better than anyone. Therefore, please spare us the online lesson as to who you think is an appropriate moral barometer.

Because there were times that I agreed with you, too.



oh please!

by IRANdokht on

"charity begins at home", but the concept is completely lost on Iranians it seems.


Please spare us patriotic lessons and "iranian" criticisms! 

btw: Zion is not anyone's role model for being Iranian or pro human rights!

thank you very much!


American Wife

never fashionable to criticize Israel???

by American Wife on

I'm stunned and can hardly begin a sentence.  It is not only fashionable... it is THE fashion statement of the century.  If someone every remotely favors Israel or Jews... look out!  You're suddenly a proponent of bombing babies. 

GOD ALMIGHTY.  Look at this even as we speak.  David's first comment made reference to the fact that more interest is made to the Israel/Palestine war than an issue regarding a true Iranian hero.  And what happens?  More accusations.  There is more anti-semitism than concern for Iran.  Oh, I know... the Jews must have done it.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's not only sad

by Kaveh Nouraee on

but very anger-provoking.

The saying goes, "charity begins at home", but the concept is completely lost on Iranians it seems. The prevailing notion is to side blindly with Palestinians, without disseminating between those who are truly non-violent and peaceful people (of which they are the majority) and these bloodthirtsy mongrels (who in most cases aren't even Palestinian...they just want to kill Jews).

Now, before I get accused (for the billionth time) of being pro-Israeli, or a Zionist neo-con or whatever other manufactured name that's being used, the civilians on either side who are not engaged in this bloodshed who are in the line of fire and are being maimed and killed are the victims.


David and Kaveh

by Zion on

It is sad but hardly surprising, wouldn't you agree? For those who parrot the positions of the IRI leadership or fabricate similar kind of "recollections" to support it, what happens to human rights activists in Iran is no violation of any rights. Zionist agents are being detected and rounded up, and as we all know zionists and their stooges, especially if they are inside Iran, have no rights.

Kaveh Nouraee

Are you reading the same posts?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

In the past several years, criticizing Israel has become more fashionable than rap music, especially amongst so-called "bleeding heart" Iranians, who sympathize with the Palestinian cause.

The ones who are to blame are Hamas, Hezbollah, the IRI, the Palestinian Authority, and then the Israeli government, in that order. Civilians on either side are not the cause.

Hamas and Hezbollah have made it clear that they will never accept Israel under any circumstances, as has the IRI, which continues to act as the ATM for the two terrorist groups. The PA is an impotent farce, comprised of the living remains of the PLO. On the surface they call for peace, but clearly have not demonstrated either the willingness or ability to effectively control Hamas and Hezbollah to ensure that peace.

And of course there are those in the Israeli government who still think it's 1948 or 1967. And as much as they have often crossed the line with their actions, the fact remains that they are still dealing with a group of people who want them dead. But the significance of that fact has waned in recent years, replaced by this inexplicable sympathy for a gang of murderers.

In this most recent case, it was Hamas that constantly violated the ceasefire and who launched rockets (purchased with Iranian money) into Israel when the ceasefire period expired.



by IRANdokht on

and that's the only time you hear from the other bleeding hearts who keep accusing everyone (who criticizes US and Israel) of being IRI supporters. 

The rest of the time, they couldn't care less about Iran and it's just so obvious what their real agenda is.

It's never fashionable to criticize Israel! haven't you noticed that yet? the world is blaming the victims every time Israel pounds them down with air strikes and kills a bunch. It's like when they blame the kid who throws a stone at the tanks!  blame the victims and oh please do not speak of IRI human rights violations unless you're defending Israel against the ones who speak of H.R. violations everywhere! 

give me a break!


Kaveh Nouraee

What it shows....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

is that you don't criticize how the neighbors live when there is a big mess in your own house.

The sad reality is that there are fewer and fewer Iranians who are truly concerned with what happens in Iran nowadays. But these same people will jump at any opportunity to justify the actions of Hamas and Hezbollah because, unlike a few short years ago, it is now quite fashionable to criticize Israel.




and some others are brainwashed

by IRANdokht on

to automatically jump in and speak of human rights in Iran if someone criticizes Israel.

Where are the people who claim they're more concerned with Iran than what happens in Israel and Palestine?

just to show: it works both ways!