At least 42 killed in Israeli army strike on Gaza school
Monsters and Critics
06-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

While an UNWRA staff member in Gaza said it was an artillery shell which hit right next to the school, other witnesses said both tank shells and missiles had struck the school ground. Most of those killed had been outside at the time the projectile struck, while people inside were also injured by shrapnel. Local Palestinian television showed shrapnel holes and black soot marks on the school's wall, and bloodstains and shoes and slippers scattered on the ground just outside. Windows and doors were badly damaged. A local UNWRA spokesman, Adnan Abu Hasna, said the school had been been waving a blue UN flag. UNWRA had also passed the GPS coordinates to Israel of its schools and shelters in Gaza. Despite this, four UNWRA schools had been caught in the crossfire over the past days.

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Hamas himself is only to blame

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Hamas, Hizbollah and their paymaster IRI are known to the world. These are monsters who are able to hide themselves and their weapons in mosques and schools because they are cowards.
The Hamas Thugs have been trained by their IRI masters who burned 400 people in cinema Rex and millions more in war.


To Q

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

Where are the critics?

You mean you and your other aliases, beating your chests 24/7, shedding crocodile tears, being brave little cyber warriors on this website alone are not enough?!!


What dont you understand Q?

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

The school was a launch site for Dr. Evil and his men that were hiding amongst civilians. That Israeli bomb was Israels way of defending it-self. By killing doctor Evil, his men and children that will grow up to be future resistance fighters, they are doing Gods work, and building a future greater Israel so that the Rapture will eventually approach, and the entire Chistian american midwest will finally be saved to see Jesus.

Are you blind, you IRI anti semitic neo nazi fascist bastard? Stop posting propaganda!!

PS: Pure sarcasm involved.. just wanted to play the role of certain rats on this site...