Israel Is Committing War Crimes
Wall Street Journal / George Bisharat
10-Jan-2009 (5 comments)

Israel's current violations of international law extend a long pattern of abuse of the rights of Gaza Palestinians. Eighty percent of Gaza's 1.5 million residents are Palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes or fled in fear of Jewish terrorist attacks in 1948. For 60 years, Israel has denied the internationally recognized rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes -- because they are not Jews.

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by people (not verified) on

Come on people why don't you just IGNORE
"z" altogether.

Those who are incapable of comprehending the
simplest cannot be reasoned with.

Just ignore and move on.


Wrong again Zion (that's nothing new)

by Q on


Wall Street Journal has been consistently the most conservative newspaper in America. It's opinion pages have been the most conservative part of that paper. They have rarely if ever criticized Israel.

Of course your pathetic knee-jerk reaction is to call me an antisemite cospiracy theoriest (are you capable of anything else?). The media's support for Israel and Zionist policy, is about money, not Judaism.

This is signficant because the ruling interests of this country are beginning to throw Israel under the bus.... it's becoming "bad for business" if you know what I mean.


Obviously nothing means anything to the Zion(ist), just the same

by Ostaad on

as no amount of criticism has ever stopped the Bloods and Crips from being the exquisite blood thirsty criminal gangs they are. The Zion(nists) will soon starts singing a different tune when the war crime tribunals start putting the Zionist criminals in jail. The main point that you and your other gang members seem to be missing is that WSJ has been a staunch defender of the Zionist crimes. It is a sure sign of dimise for you guys when even your supporters can't stand up to defend your crimes against humanity. Now do you get it, Ducky Duff?


Israelies are probably

by banker (not verified) on

Israelies are probably raking money with stock selling and buying because they are in charge of news and they control the market.
look at what the PM has done to the market.
Zion, tell the truth- did you gain from any transactions and did you have prior knowledge about your gov's act? or do you any any Israelies who live in Europe or USA who have enjoyed the stocks turmoil in the past few weeks?


Nothing new here

by Zion on

Funny how you stick to your nonsense about Zionist media and all that, and at the same time use the evidence to the contrary all the time, which is all over the place, to implicate Israel! Some geniuses you are. As Kaveh observed, we are faced with a lot of Elmers here, hunting for wionists!
This kind of media sh*t has been going on for ever, during the entire history of the modern state of Israel, and all of Judaism for that matter. Means nothing. Israel is still alive, and so are the people of Israel.