Obama's Iran
Mother Jones / Robert Dreyfuss
15-Jan-2009 (10 comments)

Even worse, says a former State Department official, Tehran might push its luck too far—with catastrophic consequences. "Iran would have to be careful not to overplay its hand," says this expert, who worked closely with the Iraq Study Group, the 2006 commission led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker and Indiana Rep. Lee Hamilton. "And if they overplay it, frankly, Obama would use the military instrument, and it won't be a pinpoint attack. It will be a massive one."

News Goffer

Why Obama might bomb Iran

by News Goffer on

With the news of a potential attack by Israel, closely followed by these speculations, I wonder how happy some will be that their long-term wish for Iran might be coming true.  Except, these experts in Washington don't think it will be a surgical attack, sorry to disappoint.  It will be "a massive one."  Oops!  Forgot to stipulate the size of the attack on your homeland, didn't you?!



Shahparastan would love that

by capt_ayhab on

Although it is a LIFE-TIME dream of the [vatan forosh] gang who [moos moos] after Nimche-Reza-Shah-Wanna-Be , for a foreign country to invade Iran, and kill Iranians, but Strategically would be a suicide for USA to boom Iran.

USA at this moment of time is way too exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan. No doubt if USA were to attack Iran, Iran will take retaliatory action against US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Situation would have been 100% different if US were in a much better position in these two countries. By that I mean if they had won the wars.

Iran has already placed herself in that position by aligning with fundamental groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan. Besides they are in cahoots with Syria.

Iran might even boom Saudi's oil field, as they have threatened to do so before, even other Emirates in the golf for that fact.

Besides, at the expense of sounding arrogant, no one knows for sure how aligned they are with Russia's Putin guy. I am sure they are doing far more than sharing bedtime stories. 

capt_ayhab [-YT]

USA not invading Iran is most certainly a disappointing news for the [Vatan Froosh] bunch [see above], who shall remain nameless.



by Zion on

'I am guessing that iranian.com is very important for them to reach Iranians and influence them.'

Oh yes. It's like what Mahmoud keeps saying. Who knows, maybe that's because the hidden Imam is somewhere in this site and "zionists" are trying to capture and silence him before he manifests himself? That could be why this site is so important! lol.


NG jan

by IRANdokht on

I am convinced that the ones who are advocating an attack on Iran are not Iranian at all, so they couldn't care less if the whole country is carpet bombed.

Please don't assume if someone's ID is mahmoud or mehdi or arash or kamangir, they are Iranians or they care about Iran.

I am guessing that iranian.com is very important for them to reach Iranians and influence them. Otherwise they wouldn't spend so many hours visiting every post on this site and spreading hate, dividing iranians and advocating military attacks on different cities in Iran.

I am hoping Obama doesn't disappoint us. I worked very hard to get him votes and if anything like that happens it'll be very hard to bear... 



To News Goffer

by NR (not verified) on

Your little description is so filled with hateful sarcasm that it is very hard to understand. What are you saying? Why don't you have the guts to speak without sarcasm?


حرف حساب

امام خمینی (not verified)

آمریکا هیچ غلطی نمی تواند بکند. والسلام.



by Ajam (not verified) on

These are bluffs! Israel can only attack the civilians and weak Arab armies (and even that with American pilots posing as Israelis)! It does not have the capacity to engage Iran!! Even U.S. has never successfully invaded a relatively sizable country except for banana republics such as Granada, Panama... Yes, it can bomb Iran, but at what cost? Iran is not Iraq, or Vietnam, it can hit back!

I believe it's all bluffs to keep pretending to have the upper hand on Iran. What do you expect... no sticks, and all carrots?!


This whole suggestion is an israeli fantasy

by Dragutin (not verified) on

israel attack Iran? Hmmm.....

Since israel and Iran do not share a border I wonder what route israeli aircraft intend to use in order to arrive over Iran (then make the return flight home).

Via Iraq? Nope, the Iraqis and Americans have told the israelis forcefully, several times that Iraqi airspace is off limits.

Via Syria? Not likely. The Syrians have their own air defences. Fighter-bombers (in this case israeli) filled with fuel and carrying a full armament package cannot maneuver well against missiles or hostile fighters without jettisoning their war-load. israeli aircraft would be required to fly across the length of Syria, by the way, then part of Turkey or Iraq before reaching Iran. This would not be a five minute dash across the Syrian border then another fast dash back to israel. All that aside, the Syrians would certainly alert the Iranians that israeli aircraft were on their way and the Iranians would make appropriate preparations. In addition it's plausible that the Syrian military would join the Hizballah retaliation against israel if israel violated Syrian airspace (Iran would certainly command Hizballah to commence rocket barrages on israel if Iran were attacked).

Via Turkey? Again not likely. The Turks have strongly condemned the israeli bombing and invasion of Gaza. There have been large anti-israel demonstrations in Turkey already. If Turkish airspace were used by israel to attack Iran the Turkish government would have a serious domestic problem, and they are quite aware of that. The Turkish govt would lose substantial credibility in the Muslim world as well of course.

Via Saudi Arabia? It's possible but not likely. That would leave the Saudi oilfields and other Saudi assets and installations vulnerable to Iranian attack in retaliation. The Saudis have a domestic problem similar to Turkey regarding the israeli bombing and invasion of Gaza. It's doubtful the Saudis want to risk domestic unrest and or covert destruction of Saudi infrastructure and commercial assets by covert agents from Iran.

Via the Red Sea and round the Arabian Peninsula? Virtually out of the question. That's a 5000 km flight one way from israel to the Iranian coast.

If the israelis intend on attacking Iran in force they had better hurry up and build or buy an aircraft carrier. Or two or three.


Obama might bomb Iran?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Obama might bomb Iran? better he reads first the story of sarakhs. But apparently he has read allready. he speaks of a massiv attack and he means more GIs find death than those who dies on Voetnam? And what should happen with europ? other asian countries? africans? what should they do without oil and gas from Islamic Republic of Iran? Ha? What? Greeting


Why Obama might bomb Iran?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

25 دى 1358
کاخ سفيد، وتوي قطعنامه پيشنهادي امريکا در شوراي امنيت از جانب شوروي را يک وقاحت سياسي خواند. امريکا در شوراي امنيت خواستار تحريم اقتصادي ايران شده بود.
can this 29 years old message be the reason? Greeting