No cease fires
The Nation / Jonathan Shainin
17-Jan-2009 (13 comments)

“Let us not cast the blame on the murderers today,” Moshe Dayan said in a famous 1956 eulogy for a young kibbutznik killed by infiltrators from Gaza. “For eight years they have been sitting in the refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we have been transforming the lands and the villages, where they and their fathers dwelt, into our estate.”     But Israel, Dayan went on, could never lay down its arms: it could not live “without the steel helmet and the cannon’s maw”. Fifty years later the Palestinians still sit suffering in their miserable camps, and Israel continues to heed Dayan’s unyielding call to rule the land by force, which decades of failure have somehow not managed to discredit.


Is this just the inauguration day special?

by IRANdokht on

"Blood will be shed on both sides of the fence until Israel is prepared to offer Palestinians sovereignty on their own land" Jonathan Shainin

The essential problem is the illegal occupation and constant aggression of Israeli armed forces against the people of Palestine.

There is no real cease fire, just a break until Obama is in the White House. 



and this observation that the cease fire is temporary

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

came from who? obama himself? from god's mouth to your ears?

you're such an expert on everything that you feel free to make such a stupid comment?

i am breathlessly awaiting the next golden nugget from your lips.


Who is our friend ZION?

by Fae (not verified) on

Please read Richard Silverstein's article in The Gaurdian: "flooding news websites with pro-Israeli comments" you will find out who is the real ZION."You always hear about Israeli attempts at media manipulation. Everyone knows it's going on but usually the process happens through cyber insurgents like those involved with Giyus (and its media monitoring software, Megaphone)....
Thanks to The Gaurdian.




کهنسال عزیز

منظور بدی نداشتم و نصیحت شماهم کاملأ صحیح و به موقع بود.

تنها دلیلی که باعث شد جوابش را بدهم این بود که واقعأ از اینکه هر نوع برچسبی که این شخص به ایرانیان این وبسایت میزند بعد از یکی دو روز به عنوان موضوعی حقیقی و بطور جدی از جای دیگر هم عنوان میشوند خسته شدم انگار بعضی از این هموطنان گرامی منتظرند که هر تیغ تندی از قلم ایشان چکید را مثل خنجر به پشت بقیه فرو کنند!

ولی حق با شماست واین جواب دادن تأثیر مثبتی نداشت

روزتان خوش


Dear Irandokht

by kohansal (not verified) on

Dear Irandokht,

Khanoom aziz "chashm" shoma maraa khejalat dad!
It is just a suggestion.
Pirooz bashid.


Kohansal, Soroush and Q

by IRANdokht on

You all made very valid points.

kohansal aziz: chashm

Thank you



Forgot to mention

by Kohansal (not verified) on

This person = Z


Thank you IRANdokht!

by Soroush (not verified) on

Obama's absolute silence during this ordeal has been disappointing. His excuse is that there is only one president in the office at a time. I'm surprised because he has commented on every national and international issue (including Iran) since his election. Why the issue of Palestinian massacre should be an exception for him? The least he could have said was that both sides should refrain from targeting innocent people. What is wrong with a simple and conservative statement like this. Unfortunately, this shows how he, like his predecessors, is already sold to the Zionists.

The unilateral ceasefire declared by Israelis (after the complete destruction of Gaza) is probably due an appeal by Obama to make his inauguration day spotless and free from memories of one of the most barbaric bloodshed in the modern history. That's all I can think of!


Dear Irandokht and All readers

by kohansal (not verified) on

Dear Irandokht and All readers:

Why do you even read this persons comments??

Just skip them and go to the next.

One who is TOTALLY blind to the truth does not deserve your precious time.


occupation IS violence

by Q on

occupation IS violence
sanctions IS violence
blockade IS violence

these things are killing children just like bullets and rockets.

no justice no peace


You didn't answer the question I asked.

by Zion on

As I expected. The hypocrisy is clear my dear. To call for a ceasefire, and then when Israel does declare a unilateral one, all of sudden go back to how this is not enough and the main issue is "illegal occupation". I mean immediately. lol. Can't be more clear how all the noise about being opposed to violence and civilian death were just a convenient excuse.

[BTW, the biggest (and only) supporters of child killing are the likes of Hamas, which you call resistant groups against oppression. So I'd say as far as being the mouthpiece of child murderers here, perhaps some should take a look at the mirror first.]



by IRANdokht on

Please READ the news item before you comment.

My stance continues to be against violence and for stopping or preventing bloodshed, be it in Iran or anywhere else in the world. 

I am not surprised that such message would go right over the head of the biggest supporters of child killings and murdering innocent victims of oppression.



What is really behind all this noise?

by Zion on

I thought your concern was the unfortunate death of the civilians up to now,
now we see it is about the "illegal occupation"... of where exactly? Gaza is no longer "occupied" for some time, in case you hadn't heard.

More importantly, you are on the record in this site regarding the regime in Iran advising the Iranians to be "realists", that the theocracy is here to stay and that instead they should only focus on reforming it gradually within the Islamic regimes frameworks. But when it comes to your dear "Palestinian" you are all fire and brimstone, your "realism" goes out the window and you can't rest quite until the "essential problem" is dealt with. Why dear? Why do "Palestinians" get such a special treatment from you while Iranians better just learn to take it and be "realists" according to you?