Parisians march in support of Gaza
Al Jazeera
25-Jan-2009 (one comment)

Thousands of demonstrators have marched in Paris for a fourth straight weekend to show their support for Palestinians, following Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The march towards the presidential Elysee Palace on Saturday drew some 20,000 people according to organisers and 9,500 according to police.

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MON Q Certainly Not Alseep BUT AWAKE ! ;0)

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A chacun SON COMBAT et A Chacun SON PAYS !


My National Priorities and Patriotic Obligations Come First in My Schedual Before Those of YOUR Palestinian Brotherhood and HAMAS Friends ...


Feel Free to Run for the PLO Presidency and why not even immigrate to your new land and demand a new passport ! ...

IRANZAMIN Doesn't Need You !