Iran is the key
The Guardian / Stephen Kinzer
27-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

If Iran can be brought back into the world community as a full and welcome partner, it could pressure militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to end their war against Israel. That, in turn, might lead Israel to stop its devastating attacks on nearby populations, which intensify hatreds, create terrorists and horrify the world. Iran also has tremendous influence in Iraq – more, in fact, and any other country, including the US. It is the only country than can guarantee a modicum of stability in Iraq as American troops depart. Iran's centuries-old relationship with Afghanistan means that it could also play a decisive role in calming the terrifying crisis that is engulfing that country and threatening to blow Pakistan apart. An Iran that feels safe might even agree to compromise on its nuclear programme, which much of the world justifiably fears.

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How could Shebly (israeli) & Gerges (lebanese) became Iranians?

by gol-dust on

Vali Nasr is the only iranian. How could the guy write for Guardian and not know this basic? Amazing how ignorant they are?


Clinton says Iranians face a choice on cooperation

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Clinton says Iranians face a choice on cooperation
AP - World News
Jan 27, 2009

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Iran now has "a clear opportunity" to engage with the international community.

In her first remarks to reporters at the State Department, Clinton said President Barack Obama has made it clear in his first days in office that he welcomes a more open Iranian approach to the world.

She said it is up to the Iranians to decide whether they wish to take a less confrontational and more cooperative approach.

Clinton said the administration is undertaking a broad survey of policy options toward Iran.