TV’s prophet viewed as political messenger
Financial Times
29-Jan-2009 (one comment)

In the most recent episodes of Prophet Yusef, Yusef is seen travelling to distant areas in Egypt, visiting the poor and trying to resolve their problems. This is the best way of ruling a country, he says.

The scenes remind viewers of the president’s high-profile provincial visits over the past three years, during which he has attracted huge audiences and offered millions of dollars to infrastructure projects. The tours have have become a crucial part of Mr Ahmadi-Nejad’s strategy to appeal to the people, sometimes over the heads of the Iranian clergy with whom he has clashed.


Yussef ghom-ghashteh baz ayad ...

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Propaganda. I also agree with the last statement
“Making up this kind of parallel could have the opposite impact on people when prices are skyrocketing,” says Mostafa Derayati, a reformist cleric, pointing to rising inflation.