The forgotten conflict / Petition
06-Feb-2009 (6 comments)

Trapped in a deadly conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil rebels, an estimated 250,000 innocent civilians are in desperate need of help.  The U.S., Sri Lanka's biggest development and military aid donor, has called for protecting "safe zones" for civilians, and a cease-fire to allow food and medical aid--but Sri Lanka has refused, and civilians are under fire from both sides. If the U.S. turns up the pressure now, it could save lives -- and we have a chance to urge the Obama administration to do just that.  The U.S. State Department has agreed to brief Secretary Hillary Clinton on the number of messages sent about Sri Lanka.
If enough of us around the world write in, we can make clear that Sri
Lanka's war is no longer a "forgotten conflict," and help persuade the U.S. to take action.


Take Action Now

by IRANdokht on

Letter to Secretary of State Clinton, Protect civilians in Sri Lanka crossfire
I am writing to urge you to increase pressure on both sides to respect the safe zones, allow food and medical help, and begin a temporary cease-fire. Please lay out clear consequences for endangering civilians: withdrawing of travel visas for top government leaders, cutting back military aid, and holding army and rebel leaders responsible for war crimes. Your efforts now could save lives.



Thank you Irandokht

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

for alerting the site to this man-made tragedy and encouraging others to add their voice. The US has the power and the responsibility to put pressure on the Sri-Lankan government to allow aid to reach the innocent population 'caught in the crossfire'.


I also do believe

by IRANdokht on

The atrocities in the middle east having received the seal of approval by US and UN has opened the door to more violence and oppression around the world.

Thank you for your comments and please forward the link to more people to sign the letter. I believe these simple steps that we all can take are very important and can be effective too.

Thanks again



Forgotten war indeed

by Asghar_Massombagi on

With all the attention paid to the situation in Gaza (and rightfully so) little attention has been paid to the fate of more than 250,000 people trapped in this confict. The so-called government of Sri Lanka has bluntly told the people that they are on their own.  It seems the 21 century is taking a detour back to the middle ages.  I guess when you let one government to get away with murder conducting "total war" against its foes (Russia in Chechnya, Israel in Gaza, Turkey in Turkish Kurdistan) in the name of secuitry and fighting terrorism, other goverments follow their lead. Whatever happened to accountability in times of war? 


Lady IRANdokht

by capt_ayhab on

One always can rely on your insightfullness to bring suffering that is hidden behind sensationalist news media and their indifference to pains  of million of people that is all around us.

Thanks and please never stop sharing your wisdom.



capt_ayhab [-YT]


Thanks for bringing this

by M53 (not verified) on

Thanks for bringing this up.
I'm not a registered user and do not want to register(personal reasons)but have been concerened about this war and the 25 years of bloodletting in that country.
There is so little on the news but there has been much suffering.