Olmert says no Israeli government would let Iran get nukes
08-Feb-2009 (4 comments)

Israel will not allow arch-foe Iran to develop nuclear weapons, no matter what the political make-up of the Israeli government, outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday ahead of a national election.  Leading the race to replace the centrist Olmert in Tuesday's ballot is hawkish opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who has hinted that Israel, believed to have the region's only atomic arsenal, could attack Iran to destroy means for building a bomb.Though Netanyahu's Likud will have to consider forming a new coalition government with the more moderate Kadima and Labour parties, Olmert told a visiting French delegation such considerations would be irrelevant to Israel's stand on Iran."The prime minister emphasised that Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, and that in this matter Israel has neither government nor opposition, and no future government will change this Israeli position," Olmert's office said in a statement.


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Mehdi Mazloom

Israelis are not going to

by Mehdi Mazloom on

No Israeli leader in his right mind is going to believe bunch of Mullahs who believe in some messianic dellusional concept of the return of the 12th century Mehadi, (whom apperantly had lost his way back home  after a night of hard  work between his 3rd and 4th wife).

His return will cause Armageddon, and millions will have  to die so shi'ites will restore lunatics like the  Akh-magh-e nejad to rule the world.

In fact no one ion his right mind will wait until it is too late to tell you "we told you so".

These akhoonda are irrationals, with no regards to human life - even Iranians themselves.


There is only onbe place for these idiots - di-vuneh khooneh.

anonymous fish

could it just be part of

by anonymous fish on

election rhetoric? 


Farokh, Unfortunately as it

by capt_ayhab on

Farokh, Unfortunately as it seems they do represent Jews around the world. FYI:


capt_ayhab [-YT]


These people are totally nuts

by farokh2000 on

I really don't think these people represent the Jewish communities around the World, or even Israel.

I think these are bunch of Religious Fundamentalist, like GW and Big Dick, who are after salvation in their imaginary Heaven.

If they were anything close to reasonable people, they would know that the crazy Mullahs are nowhere close to having the Nukes, that Israelies sure have had for a long time. I am sure their Mossad is much more talented than that.

This could be the clear case of distracting their people and the people of the World from paying attention to their dirty work in the Middle East, of course.

Not only they are nuts, all the people who are listening to them must be nuts as well.