Reform candidate slams Iran's hardline president
Associated Press / Nasser Karimi
13-Feb-2009 (4 comments)

The top reformist candidate in Iran's presidential race has criticized hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the country's international isolation.The comments were the first by Mohammad Khatami about the president since Khatami entered the race last weekend. They signaled that his campaign will likely focus on Iranians' worries that Ahmadinejad's fiery anti-Western rhetoric has worsened the country's status in the world at a time when Iran is suffering economic woes.Khatami, a liberal cleric who was president from 1997-2005, told a group of his supporters that "the current situation in the country is not desirable," according to Khatami's Web site.Khatami warned at the meeting late Wednesday that if the situation continues, the country's "social capital and international reputation will be damaged even more." He said Iran needs active diplomacy to decrease "international pressures and isolation."

News Goffer

stuff we only hear at elections time

by News Goffer on

And if there were no upcoming elections, everyone would keep quiet as they have over the past four years, while Mahmoud has consistently further isolated Iran from the international scene.  Even if Khatami were to be elected again, it will take a lot more than just talk to recover from the international isolation Ahmadinejad's policies have forced on Iran.


Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

Reform and the rule of theocracy are contradictions in terms. Theocracy is not reformable, period. Force is the only tool of eradication. There is no direct and green path from theocracy to democracy.

These elections will not stop the inevitable. They may delay it but can't stop it.


30 years and still no clue

by Iranyvaliazad on

Khatami said, "We are working within the framework of the system, and we are loyal to the constitution and leadership,"

 Who are "we" in his statement?  During his "mostakhdemi" era, WE was the whole NATIOIN OF IRAN.   He had said that whoever even THINK about reducing powers of leadership (i.e. in constitution) is considered a traitor ... Do you know what do they do with traitors?  Yes, KILL them ... Khatami literally asked for the head of people who THINK and not ACT on the idea of democratic constitution.  Having said that, I wonder why Iranians are stil clueless when it comes to moslem clerics.


News Goffer

by XerXes (not verified) on

The free world runs like that. That's what elections mean.