Starting at Home, Iran’s Women Fight for Rights
The New York Times / Nazila Fathi
13-Feb-2009 (one comment)

Women’s rights advocates say Iranian women are displaying a growing determination to achieve equal status in this conservative Muslim theocracy, where male supremacy is still enscribed in the legal code. One in five marriages now end in divorce, according to government data, a fourfold increase in the past 15 years.And it is not just women from the wealthy, Westernized elites. The family court building in Vanak Square here is filled with women, like Ms. Qassemi, who are not privileged. Women from lower classes and even the religious are among those marching up and down the stairs to fight for divorces and custody of their children. Increasing educational levels and the information revolution have contributed to creating a generation of women determined to gain more control over their lives, rights advocates say.

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Iranian women persist

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Despite all adversities, 30 years after the Islamic Revolution, Iranian women keep fighting to change laws and unfair conditions.