As powerful in death as in life
The Guardian/The Observer / Dominic Sandbrook
15-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

By far the best sections of Coughlin's book are the chapters on the revolution itself (a gift to a narrative historian, with its twists and turns, its massacres and conspiracies) and on the war with Iraq that followed immediately afterwards, a horrific replay of the First World War's trench conflicts that mobilised the nation behind the new regime and turned Khomeini into a patriotic war leader. In the later chapters, by contrast, some of the nuance is lost and an intelligent book threatens to degenerate into a strident op-ed piece.

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Review of Khomeini's Ghost: Iran Since 1979

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I wonder when Iranians will be allowed to write about Mr. Khomeini and their reflections on him as a leader for Iran.  I doubt any western writer will ever know the depths of mixed feelings each and every Iranian carries for this man.  With censorship in Iran and a sparse readership for the subject outside Iran, we will have to wait until Iranians are liberated from censorship to understand whether all Iranians would agree that Khomeini was as good a leader as some say.


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News Goffer it's yet another fresh look at The Iranian Revolutio

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n and Khomeini's role. Again, many eyes from all corners of the world are reviewing Iranians and The Iranian Revolution. My favorite code has to do with this comment by the writer:

"When Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini died in June 1989, he was the first ruler of Iran for more than 80 years to die peacefully at home in his native land, rather than in exile or at the hands of an executioner."

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Indeed, I think if ever censorship in Iran regarding this issue (tainted with the regular islamic propaganda) is put aside, then I suppose an objective biography on the pro's and con's of his personality and legacy can be studied in the light of the day. In the meantime his regime is standing firm with a Fist Unclenched ...

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