Official: Iran becomes major passage for drug transition
18-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

Iran has turned into a major passage for the drug transition, local Mehr news agency quoted a drug control official as saying. "One third of the drugs destined to international markets are transited through Iran," said Brigadier General Ismail Ahmadi-Moqaddam, secretary general of Iran's Drug Control Headquarters (DCH). According to the official, "Iran is the best and the shortest transit route for drugs to world markets as Iran has long borders with Afghanistan, the main drug producer in the world." "Iran seizes an average of three tons of drugs, including opium, morphine and heroin, every day," Ahmadi-Moqaddam said, adding that this indicated Iran "has an important role in campaign against drug trafficking" in the world. According to an announcement released by the Information and Media Communication Center of Iran's Police late last month, the country had seized some 375 tons of narcotics in the past eight months and "also spent over 600 million U.S. dollars in the last two years to dig canals, build barriers and install barbed wire to seal off the country's borders.

News Goffer

sa'at e khaab!

by News Goffer on

Hellloooo dear "official!!"  Iran has been THE ONLY passage through which drugs have been moving from Afghanistan to the rest of the world.  Iranian military organizations such as Sepaah might be well in the know and involved about this traficking.

Think of this for a minute:  In a country where a cassette tape, a video tape, music and film CD's, satellite dishes, alcoholic beverages, and any and all things "non-Islamic" have been sought, confiscated, and owners of which swiftly dealt with, how come nobody has been able to bust the drug ring/s which have been pushing Iranians into drug addiction? Official records say 7 million addicts, but non-official numbers say in excess of 10 million people.  That means that between 10 and 15 percent of all Iranians are drug addicts. 

Who is supplying the drugs with complete immunity from getting arrested and busted? 



Maybe you should see who is occupying Afghanistan and who

by rastgoo (not verified) on

benefits. The CIA benefited dramatically from narcotics sales during the Vietnam war and arms shipment of narcotics are currently being distributed by those directly in Afghanistan.

Instead of always blaming Iran for all the ills that the U.S. and other western countries conduct in their b.s. "war of terror"; you may want to dig further and see who is the beneficiary - follow the money?

How did $125 billions of dollars of arms get lost in Iraq? By U.S. military and contractors; how did thousands of arms get lost in Afghanistan; by the U.S.!

Iranian police are being killed, and taken hostage right and left at the borders.


To News Goffer

by Anonymous123423 (not verified) on

Because the drug trafficers come with WEAPONS and shoot at sepah when they are resisted. We have had many sepah shaheeds in the drug war. Hundreds in the past years.
Alcohol comes in legally through the Christian minority who then sell it to their Muslim neighbors in Tehran.
Bootleg CD's don't get smuggled in through weapons. They are downloaded and burned. you can't compare them.