New route links Afghanistan to sea, via Iran
SF Chronicle / Matthew Stannard
20-Feb-2009 (one comment)

A new land route has just opened linking Afghanistan to the southern seaports of its next-door neighbor, Iran - and that could be the opening the new administration needs to forge a diplomatic relationship with a regional power the United States has, with rare exception, viewed as the Middle East bogeyman.

"I certainly think it represents an opportunity, particularly because it kind of takes up this relationship where it was last at its most amicable: that is, over Afghanistan," said Abbas Milani, director of the Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University.

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AIPAC & Israel make sure US & Iran won't click!

by gol-dust on

Not as long as IRI does not recognize Israel and supports all palestinian elements who are the victims of the Israeli brutality and terrorism against humanity!  Us needs Iran more than Iran needs them. After US uses iran, it is going to dump them and/or would try to use them as US/Israeli proxiy!  Dream on!

Here we go again, back to the pre-revolution! And this is where the problem would always lie with the US! Trying to subjucate Iran as a colonial power! US will never act as an equal respectable nation. Damn they are enemies damn they are friends! That imperialist mentality is hard to erase! I guess that's where the term great satan came about.  

What do you do then? Iran should be strong enough economically, socially (democratic), and militarily so no coulntry can have control over it! Let's not forget the snake UK! It is in this context that they could deal with US and other countries more effectively and with due respect! Rishamoono beh dasteshoon nadeem!

So we should start reform from within by Iranians who love their country and without any outside influence, for the betterment of our beloved Iran and Iranians! When we feel more secure we will act more responsibly as well.