Iran May Achieve Capability to Make A Nuclear Weapon in 2009
The New York Times / Bernard Gwertzman interviews D.Albright
21-Feb-2009 (one comment)

Iran will probably accumulate enough low-enriched uranium this year to "reach the first level of breakout capability, namely enough low-enriched uranium to make one nuclear weapon." And in an ironic twist, he says even though Iran's stated goal is to have a nuclear program for domestic power, it appears to be running out of uranium for such a plan. "It's one of the unfortunate ironies of the situation that while they don't have enough uranium for a civil nuclear energy program, they have plenty for a weapons program," Albright says. "Even if Iran runs out of uranium, they have more than enough to eventually produce tens of nuclear weapons." He urges the United States to seek tougher sanctions, but also to open wide-ranging negotiations with Iran.

News Goffer

we will find a bomb in iran no matter what!

by News Goffer on

Read this interview to see how "experts" are attempting to place a nuclear weapon in Iran even with inadquate evidence to support the allegation.

Come on, nobody's happy with IRI and its actions and rhetoric, but I find this type of talk a very insidious way to "support" and "substantiate" something about which there is no evidence.  I am appalled The New York Times would run stories like this.  And what kind of a writer is a "Consulting Editor," the title used for Mr. Bernard Gwertzman who has conducted the interview?  Whose "consultant" is he?

Readers beware!