BAHRAIN: Spat erupts with Iran over cleric's boast
Los Angeles Times / Raed Rafei
22-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

A huge spat has broken out between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain over comments made by an Iranian cleric earlier this month claiming dominion over the island nation. Ali Akbar Natiq Nuri, an advisor to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed Bahrain was an integral part of Iran that was conceded by Iran's Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi. Bahrain received its independence from the British in 1971, but had been ruled by Iran on and off over the last couple of millenniums.  Bahrain made it crystal clear that it did not tolerate any statements undermining its sovereignty. In the last few days, Bahrain suspended talks over the importation of natural gas from the Islamic Republic and barred Iranian ships from reaching its shores, according to media reports.

News Goffer

manbar bravado gets nateq in trouble

by News Goffer on

Well, they did just celebrate 30 years of rule and Nateq Nouri has been there every step of the way from Mehrabad airport till now.  He hasn't learned much about what to say, though, has he? 



Bahrain, Afghanestan, north azarbayjan,& most of central asia

by gol-dust on

 all of kordestan, baluchestan in pakestan, part of iraq and turkey etc belong to iran for most of iran's history. This is not surprising to us iranians, but it is to the outside world. I think US is behind this instigation about the pipe line and iranian ships not to be allowed to dock there. After all if US loses bahrain, it would lose a lot! They'll make sure that won't happen. That's why they are afraid of iran! They want a weak Iran to control.