Sex, drugs and Islam
Asia Times / Spengler
24-Feb-2009 (18 comments)

Iran is dying. The collapse of Iran's birth rate during the past 20 years is the fastest recorded in any country, ever.


Iran is dying

by alimostofi on

This is the darkest moment in our history, and precludes the beginning of a new Spirit for Iran.



Just another Anti-Iran

by capt_ayhab on

Just another Anti-Iran Iranian hater who is trying to link worlds oldest problem/profession[prostitution] to Islam.

I have no Idea what this guys nationality is, but he should check his references regarding the sex industry in southeast Asia first, then talk about prostituion in Iran.

Prostitution and drug is not unique to Iran, although due to economic and social conditions it has been in rise alarmingly. 

As to the drug issue, when you deal with a society as young as Iran, due to repression, there is alarming number of drug users amongst the young.  Then again I am a firm believer that Akhunds are using the same strategy CIA used in USA during 70's.

Sadly enough, drug are plentiful in Iran, and as they say on the streets, opium is cheaper the cigarettes. 


To the writer of the thread: let the one without any sin throw the first stone. Unless you live in a country who has NO prostitute and NO drug addicts your bullcrap only demonstrates your racist and ignorant nature.



Social ills

by smhb on

I agree with Ostad that spengler is a rabid anti Iranian, anti Muslim zionist. However I still think he has valid points.

On a subjective level we have met friends and family members who travel back and forth to and from Iran and pretty much relay the same thing.

Prostitution is rampant, drug and alcohol use is rampant, wild parties and etc...

However what spengler is saying goes beyond the simple relaying of social ills, he actually is conducting an analysis which he has done before on many levels trying to portray a corrupt, bankrupt society, civilization and a religon.

I totally reject the premise of his analysis eventhough he uses valid data to perform the analysis. 

Simply stated there are basically two fundamental reasons why women resort to prostitution.

1- Poverty

2- Pleasure

In the first case they are forced into it by dire economic conditions and are truley victimized. Whether they do it on their own or are targeted by pimps and mobsters is a different issue.

In the second case the some women decide to do it on their own for a number of reasons. Rebelion, sexual pleasure, financial gains and etc...

The second case is also rampant in the USA and other western industrial societies as is the first case.

The social networking tools available to all of us around the globe allows various people to connect in ways that was impossible a decade ago and one of those usages is the pervasive use of these tools for sexual purposes by both male and females around the globe and the way they connect.

There seems to be a trend in Iran where the youth basically mimick what they see on american soap operas, porn and entertainment shows without really understanding what they are looking at or doing. The cultural decay due to the penetration of cheap cultural products of the west has caused a lot of problems not just in Iran but globally. The other side of the coin is that when you impose social rules of conduct that feels suffocating to the youth and the rebelious then they turn to such cheap western outlets for expressing themselves.

I read in the news a few weeks ago that the swiss or some foreign embassy employee was caught in the middle of the night in nortehrn Tehran while having sex with an Iranian girl in his car.

I have also heard and talked to a lot of people who say that Iranian women routinely go to sex parties in Iran and get drunk and perform sexual acts with no inhibitions.

Now does all of this constitute a decay of a civilization and the death of a nation? I dont think so. As there are a lot of men and women in Iran who under the most severe economic conditions have maintained themselves and contributed to the scientific, social, cultural progress and evolution of Iran.




by Abarmard on

Sure they are. Sure. Now salavat so maybe everything gets better with the next regime. Amen


To Abarmard: Spare me your philosophical preachings

by Offended (not verified) on

Horse feathers ...

I've been on this website long enough to know what your game is and where you are coming from.

p.s. any unbiased no-string-attacehd individual with no hidden agenda knows that mullah rulers of Iran themselves are the cause of a lot of those problems.



by Abarmard on

You got it!

You have not provided another option and think by being cute you have made your point.

If your point is similar to the author, then I am arguing against it. I have no reason to like or dislike a system, but you seem to have a reason. I believe that many people who dislike the Islamic Republic, rightly so perhaps, see everything in black and white or point their fingers. I can't prove this, but I don't think that if Shah was in power we would not have as many drug addicts or prostitutes in the country. I have no reason to believe that the capitalistic economy would provide some sort of security for the ones in need. I am willing to debate fairly based on the information that exists. 

Unfortunately for Iranians there were no better Iranian system or non corrupt governments to compare ourselves with and conclusively argue that we are so because of the actions of the government alone.

On the last note, I don't trust the author to have a fair mind since his agenda is to push for his ideology rather than providing the readers an honest report.

*Iran does have many problems and neither you nor me are the solutions.



by Offended (not verified) on

Having read some of these emotional yet illogical posts I've come to two conclusions:"

1.All of Iran's social ills are nonexistent and are only Zionist Israeli fabricated lies and propaganda;

2. Even if we believe that these social ills exist in Iran today, we should console (or even fool) ourselves by the fact that they also exist elsewhere in the world just like dictatorship, torture, tyranny, political prisoners, etc. do, therfore we shouldn't even bother to mention them and blow them out of proportion.


What would fix the problem?

by Abarmard on

there are many problems in Iran similar to anywhere in the world. Most of these divides are based on the Capitalistic economy exists all over the globe. Japan has many educated and/or middle class prostitutes, why? Are they ill? define it.

Does the author believes in socialism? Is he surprised that a "religious" system has capitalistic residue? Or he just wants to say because of the Islamic Republic, Iranians are poor. I have mentioned this before, Brazil is the 8th largest economy in the world, take a visit and see poor, addicted and prostitution. Are Brazilians suffering from the Mullahs also?

The signs of this kind of social results are intertwined in our modern age of economic prosperity for a few against the lives of many going under. That's not Iran, it's our world today. Iran also is one tiny economy amongst many dominating giants.


To clueless Ostaad

by Enquiring minds (not verified) on

Average people inside Iran do not know anything about these social ills. They simply don't, except for the people close to the ruling elite!

You still did not enlighten us as to how those problems are going to be DEALT with?!!! Who's going to deal with them? they have not been diminshed but increased in the last 30 years? so who's going to deal with them? America? Vali-e Faqih? who? Mullah Khatami? the so called pro-IR reformists?


Another lie

by Hajminator on

spread by Spengel was that Bush will use the nuclear option and attack Iran!!

What makes me laugh when I hear warmongers like Spengel is that their fanatic views of taking their phantasms as the reality don't seem to make them think how people perceive their buffoonery.

By the long, he'll become the next choopan dooroogh-ghoo.


Enquiring minds, you just proved that you have no clue...

by Ostaad on

about Iran. Anyone who says, "a lot of people inside Iran are not aware of these social ills because
there is no free press inside Iran. All this is swept under the rug." shows his/her utter ignorance about Iran. NOTHING can be swept under the rug in Iran whether the state-sponsored media talks about it or not. There are many other channels of communications in Iran which bypass the official media. Iran has never had free press including during the Shah, my clueless pal.

The fact that the research about the status of prostitution in Iran was done in Iran, by Iranians refutes your assertion that Iranians are not aware of their social problems. Iran is the ONLYcountry in the ME that publishes its stats about AIDS, drug addiction and brain drain, although the numbers are routinely rounded down by the officials.


Good to be agha kabkeh

by Daghalkar (not verified) on

Good to stick one's head in the sand, pretend ignorance and claim everything is rosey in Iran


Iran is doing just fine! thank you very much......

by Anonymous453 (not verified) on



To OStadd: why are you being offended by the truth?

by Enquiring minds (not verified) on

You said

"He has compiled a number of acute problems that Iran faces today due to the regime's incompetence and corruption. The fact is the Iranian people are aware of them due to the research done inside Iran to find solutions to these social ills. None of these problems are insurmountable and I'm sure they will be dealt with."

I don't care if Spangler is Zionist, Iran-hater or whatever or what is going on in Israel!! What has G..z got to do with shaghigheh anyway?

I know for a fact that if he/she deliberately lied and flattered and paid compliments to mullahs on their "great achivements" in the last 30 years, you would most definitely called him/her an Iran's friend, in spite of all that, you admit yourself that all Iran's problems are due to "regime's incompetence and corruption"!!!!

AND NO, on the contrary, a lot of people inside Iran are not aware of these social ills because there is no free press inside Iran. All this is swept under the rug.

That regime is not going anywhere, and everything is FULLY under mullahs' control so enlighten us as to how those problems are going to be DEALT with?!!! Who's going to deal with them?



by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

this is the most ridiculous article I've ever read about Iran. what has this guy been smoking?!?


That must make Spengler and other Iran-haters very happy.

by Ostaad on

There are two kinds of people who point out your shortcomings, problems and warts: your friends and your enemies. Your friends point out your problems so you'd realize them fix them, often with their help. On the other hand, your enemies point out your problems in order to put you down. Spengler, that's his pseudo name, is a rabid Zionist and a career Iran-hater who does not give a damn about Iran and the Iranians. He has compiled a number of acute problems that Iran faces today due to the regime's incompetence and corruption.

The fact is the Iranian people are aware of them due to the research done inside Iran to find solutions to these social ills.  None of these problems are insurmountable and I'm sure they will be dealt with.

I have read Asia Times for years and I routinely ignore Spengles's rants. But I have yet to see a single article penned by him that points out the huge problems of sex trade, money laundry, homelessness, rampant crime, smuggling and other prevalent social problems in Israel. Spengler specializes in finding problems with those who stand up to the Zionistas to poke them in the eyes. This article is just another one of those hit jobs that professional Iran-hates like to put out.



Agha kabkeh

by Daghalkaar (not verified) on

I am really amused running into people who pretend ignorance and want to look at half empty glass as half full even if the full portion of the glass is cyanide mixed with water ... lol



by Abarmard on

Kaafar Hameh Raa Beh Kish Khod Pendaarad. Seems like the person is suffering from depression.

A large, young growing society such as Iran has many faces to offer its viewers.